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I wonder, what do the words "I love you" mean to someone who's never really heard them spoken honestly for years?

To Shinji, they obviously mean a lot--even coming from an unusual source like Kaworu Nagisa... the two of them formed such a powerful bond so quickly, when Shinji really had to struggle to form relationships with Misato, Rei, Asuka, Toji, and everyone else... He really ends up acting like he's been fucked sideways after NERV and SEELE force him to murder his new best friend.

Twenty minutes or so on air isn't very long... but how much else was going on with Shinji and Kaworu that the audience didn't see? I think I like Sadamoto-san's perspective on their meeting in the manga a lot better... there, Kaworu shows up just prior to Asuka's little gambit of desperation and mental breakdown, and they have a lot more time to bounce off each other. Kaworu also forms a bit of a relationship with Rei-II, and he does his best to protect her from the 16th (there 11th) Angel, as he is supposed to help her battle it rather than Shinji and his risky little EVA-01 with its wonderful S² engine... Because he has that Angel innocence and inability to understand most human concepts, Kaworu comes off as pretty weird, but it's a cute weird, like Rei's weirdness. And his obvious affinity for Shinji is just downright adorable.

...Okay, go ahead and chalk up that last comment to my reputation for adoring gay angels, whatever. But Kaworu is a real cutie...

Kaworu is an important character, the first to begin to shed light on many of Evangelion's darker mysteries, such as the A.T. Fields and the truth about "Adam". He's also the only way to really look into Angel psychology, as none of the others have humanlike forms or minds.

I find myself really wanting to see the Japanese version of the episode, just to see how Akira Ishida did with Kaworu-chan's voice acting. He's really good and Kaworu definitely seems to be sort of his type...

Though he's different as well. In contrast with Ishida-san's usual tragic, distantly beautiful characters, Kaworu doesn't represent an untouchable perfection. Rather, he isn't initially classifiable as a "bishonen", with his almost-too-angular facial features. But his constant smile sure is endearing. ^_^

Well, I had quite some time to get to know Kaworu before I got to see his TV-episode debut. Which is why witnessing his death in episode 24 did bring me to tears. The little idiot. I love him, though; don't ask me why...

The Kaworu Fixation page is called "Sanctuary", so it seemed a little fitting to put this song on... it's a little weird at first, like Kaworu himself... but you get used to it after a while, and as Kaelle says, it sort of grows on you...

Going to Alexis' place sometime over the end of break to play/watch KH2, meet Namine, and that... weird... Sora-nobody person... O_o;; oddness.


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