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but that was when i ruled the world

Yus, Feral is growing up.

I'm out of high school (finallyyyy~), I've now got my own checking and savings accounts at the local bank, I'm vaccinated against meningitis and HPV, and just today I drove by myself for the first time evar~

I continue to petition for reviews on DSS chapter 9 and The Soul's Riven Gate (STEAM!)--and I'm working to finish up Tsukiyonotchi's Ledah/Ein oneshot and chapter 12 of DSS while I do so. D: Lack of reviews = NOT WIN.

Hmmm. Other news...

I've ordered Utada-sama's album Exodus (the one I hear a lot of her fans whining about--but I like the tracks I've heard off it...) and am going to be getting that soon. Negima! #18 hits stores soon too--maybe I'll be able to hit up Borders for both at the same time~

Now that I actually have money, I'm going to get a bit more proactive on getting myself Luminous Arc and the Yggdra Union Anthology Comic. The DS itself? That can wait until I have a job, but Luminous Arc can't.

ALSO: To those who have played Rondo of Swords--SO HOT or SO NOT? I'm considering it. Steam says it's a good game, but that it's essentially a Yggdra Union knockoff.

I wanna red DS. I have purple and black game systems already; I want something red. :D

OOH OOH AND!! Knights has finally gotten its first HOT GUY! Yaaay~! We love you, Kiyudzuki-tama-sensei and Tobe-chama-sensei; we knew you wouldn't let us down! :DDD His name's kinda weird to romanize though... check the official website to see him, he's cute~

mewarrow and everyone else interested: I have the fixed YU PSP new music stuff over at flightworks. mewarrow, feel free to link to that post on gran_centurio, since you did rip them, after all~ Everyone else, come download!! :DD They're burnable!


PS: I finally has my lovely L icon~

PPS: Some hints for that meme that's been stumping everyone: #s 2-4 are games, and I don't have any icons for #2 though it's one of my biggest influences. #1 is an anime. GO FILL IN THE HOLEZ~
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