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Waii, Kaworu-kun~

Well, I just got through End of Evangelion, and I must say, that was an interesting experience. Weird, but also interesting.

Ka~wo~ru~kuuuun~ yay, the good artists got to draw him and he was soooo CUTE!! Awwww~n, the long scene between him, Rei, and Shinji was sooooooooooo adorable~~ Iya~n, so cuuute~ I can't stand it!

*deep breath... tries to overcome the fangirlish urge to squeal and squeal and squeal*

*squeals and squeals and squeals anyway... hehehe*

Poor Asuka, though... ;_; that must have been really painful... and Misato... T_T~

But Asuka was alive again, so maybe Misato and everybody else will be too...

Wow, so many sexual innuendos. And sooo many wrong things to think. E~en, Shinji and Rei with combined bodies in the weirdest, weirdest positions. And Rei is on top. Well, we always knew she wore the pants in that relationship. XD

All joking aside, being the stark raving mad Kaworu/Shinji and Shinji/Rei fangirl I am, it made me happy to see all the cuteness between them. And it was nice to see Rei-III telling Gendo to go fsck himself, in a manner of speaking. Even though then he got his angst rant and you started feeling a little bad for him before Shinji/EVA-01 (literally!) bit off his head.

Well, it wasn't as cute as the televised ending, but it was still kawaii. Weird, but kawaii. And Lilith was all disturbing. And EVA-02 needs a hug. And Shinji and Rei frascked the SEELE suits. (I'm still not thinking of them as the rest of the EVA series. Stupid SEELE meanie-butts.) I cheered. And my mother, who is anti-anime, admitted it was good. Except for all the flamboyant Christianity, but as I pointed out, this is the kind of show that gets the ardent Christians in a lynch mob out for GAINAX's blood, screaming "you can't do this to our religion!!" *laughs wickedly* I adore gay angels. ^_^ And I love the song "Tamashi no Refuran" to little bitty bits. :D

Now we just have to wait for Sadamoto-san to get his lazy ass moving on the manga. Comeon, Sadamoto-san! Two volumes left! The end is in sight!!!

Oh, and while I'm on the subject...

I love Kaworu, I love Rei, and I love the way they manage to be so similar while still being polar opposites.

The EVA TV series and Sadamoto's personal vision of the story treat these characters quite differently. Some people wonder why this is--I'm fairly sure it's due to their different treatments of Shinji. While in the anime, Shinji is a negative, introverted, self-pitying, whiny kid who's too scared to reach out to anybody, Shinji in the manga is emotionally less fragile, though he is certainly every bit as negative and depressed.

The Rei we see in the EVA anime is frigid and, for the most part of the storyline, all but untouchable, though we finally get to see some actual feeling out of her in episode 23. Still, though Shinji tentatively tries to reach out to her, Rei remains off in her own mystic little sphere, with eyes only for Gendo (bleagh) and little attention to pay to Shinji, though she still has some of Yui's lingering maternal instincts towards him. It doesn't stop her from being cute or fascinating, but there's a distance between her and the viewer that cannot be bridged. She's a delicate ice princess, distinctly alien though she holds our fascination. And there's something fundamentally "wrong" with her that we, as viewers, aren't allowed to bypass with the statement that "it doesn't matter--she's Rei, and we don't care about anything else". In EoE, it is Rei's image combined with Lilith that threatens to tear Shinji's fragile sanity to pieces, though her role there is simply to carry out the figment of his will.

In contrast, from the time we meet him in the EVA show, Kaworu is a warm and comforting presence towards Shinji, accepting, loving, doting, and forgiving. He's presented as charming and endearing as he wins Shinji over through small but highly significant acts of kindness that all build up to the double conclusions of loving Shinji for the person he is and sacrificing his life in order to preserve humanity rather than promote his own type of existence, the 17th Angel instead of the 18th. Despite his strangeness, the viewer is drawn to Kaworu as he reaches out to Shinji, and we as the audience admire his purity and his selflessness. There's still that inhumanity lingering around him, if we choose to look; Kaworu comes too close, is too direct, is too innocent of what it truly means to be human to actually be one of the Lilin of which he speaks. However, he is such an open-hearted, loving influence on Shinji that he becomes one on his audience as well; we accept him the way he is, and can see him as "Kaworu Nagisa" even as we realize he is actually Tabris. During EoE, Kaworu is able to comfort Shinji and allow him to let go of his terror at his unusual situation; he is also the one, along with Rei, who presents himself as the concepts of hope and love.

The Shinji of the EVA anime is so much more fragile and helpless that he is incapable of truly reaching out to connect with another human being; so inable, he cannot truly understand Rei. Kaworu's almost overexaggerated gestures of trying to connect with Shinji work, generating an instant closeness that we only see the match of--throughout the whole of EVA--between Misato and Kaji; in other words, it is the closeness of lovers, and that is how we come to believe that there is something like that between them. Kaworu and Rei, equally ethereal in the anime, are presented this way because of the way we see them, via Shinji's experiences.

However, with the stronger Shinji of the manga, things change. His persistence with Rei is rewarded when she begins to allow him into her life and personal space where before there was only an icy silence that forced intruders away. We see her awkwardness in trying to make tea, and we see tenderness begin to grow between them as Shinji in return awkwardly cares for her. We see her smile at him more than the once in the show; we see her save his life when he is in danger of losing his form amidst the LCL of his EVA, and we see the unthinkable--Rei begins to reach out to Shinji as well. The Rei Ayanami of the Evangelion manga is much more human than the one presented in the anime, with a pure and innocent heart easier for we the viewers to observe. Still delicate and ethereal, Rei nevertheless slowly transfers the romantic love she has for Gendo to Shinji, and while their relationship isn't allowed to carry too far, it is still something that can be experienced by the reader. Rei becomes the warm and comforting presence, the one Shinji leans on in times of depression. And all of this simply because Shinji has the strength to reach out rather than be reached out to.

The Kaworu of the manga is also much more candid, like Rei--and to Shinji, this seems to make him more frightening. Within moments of their meeting, Kaworu successively commits the logical yet purely emotionless mercy killing of a starving kitten, wanders innocently (and somewhat cluelessly) into the girls' bathroom, tells Rei he thought she'd be "heftier" (?!), walks in on Shinji in the shower, wonders aloud to SEELE (whose pawn, it is well known by now, he is) why human beings are so concerned about others outside themselves, and somehow manages to offend Shinji in a hundred different ways. When Kaworu tries to reach out to Shinji, the latter of the two senses the inhumanity of the former and rejects him completely--over and over. Meanwhile, due in part to Rei's sacrifice against the second to last Angel, Kaworu begins to develop a confused but purehearted love for Shinji (upcoming in vol. 10) and starts to speculate on the nature of love itself. Innocently yet desperately asking Shinji if the young pilot would be willing to love him, Kaworu continues his unknowing but purposeful invasion of Shinji's personal space and even manages to wind up being Shinji's first kiss (insert mad, gleeful fangirl dance here). This is a much quirkier, much more human Kaworu than the one we see in the show, and he is rejected by the Shinji of the manga the for the same reason he is embraced by the desperately alone Shinji of the anime--his insistence on reaching out to the Third Child. Whereas Shinji needed to be reached out to in the show, he'd rather do the reaching here and is deeply disturbed by Kaworu's fixation on him in Sadamoto's version of events.

It's sometimes hard to realize that the Kaworus and Reis of these two very different versions of Evangelion are the same people, but it's true--and once you've gotten over that fact, they're twice as lovable as the innocents of the series. I just want to tackle-glomp them both. They are just SO. DAMN. CUTE. that I can't stand it.

*huggle huggle* *is totally obsessed* *...but doesn't care*


-Feral :P
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