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...And that was when I fell for his bewitching little smile.

Okay... all that complaining I did, about not being able to cook a damn thing without setting the house on fire? Scratch that. Edit it from existence. I guess I can cook after all. I just made myself a nice pot of white rice. And ate almost all of it. Straight from the pot. Because my dearest mother is just too lazy to make dinner. Oh well, I got to eat lots of rice. I <3 rice.

The Bishie Profile Questionnaire

Okay, first things first. What's his name and what fandom is he from?
Rau le Creuset from Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED.

How did you "meet"? Where were you when you first saw him?
I first caught sight of him during the first episode of SEED aired on TV (stupid evil censored version for all the midgets who watch Cartoon Network, rarrar). I was up in my mother's room and as corny as it may sound, I absolutely fell for him the moment I saw him, even though I knew I shouldn't have.

What's he like?
Oh, where do I start? ^_^ He's a brilliant ZAFT commander, for one thing. ^_^ Charismatic, with a real talent for public speaking and an amazing intuition. He carries himself with confidence and poise, and he's sort of my personal vision of Prince Charming. (He really, really is charming. <3) He's a thinker with a philosophical side, and though he tends to be a little cynical due to his own experiences, I pretty much agree with most of his personal paradigms. A lot of his charm and charisma is in the way he can inspire people so well through his words and actions (which is why he'd be a great public speaker~), and when he gets to sit and talk (as in episode 14 <3), I'll be sitting there listening raptly, nodding agreement about every other sentence. He's sophisticated and refined, but he has his own painful past, and he lived on the street for a while as a kid. Though he has the admiration of those under his command, he feels as though he has never been loved or fully accepted by anyone in his life, which contributes to his own very deep depression. He is very guarded around most people, and finds it hard to put his complete trust in anyone. He's ashamed of his own origins, but sees himself and the role he plays as the necessary end to the ugliness of humanity. He seems proud and even arrogant sometimes, but he can also be very sweet and considerate, as he shows around his hand-chosen squad of mobile suit pilots, especially Athrun. He has a very, very sexy voice, and the mystery surrounding him is compelling and a very big part of his appeal. I think he's cute when he's angry at his longtime rival Mu. <3 Tragic, sensitive, but still strong and determined, he's every inch my type and I was hopelessly doomed to fall for him the moment I saw him. <3 <3

I meant, what does he look like.
Then you should have said so. He's tall, with very pale, wavy blonde hair. You rarely see him out of his uniform, which he is deadly hot in--he's pretty much one of only a handful of men who can make the color white look so unbelievably sexy. (He has a damn nice six-pack too, which we see in episode 10, which is why that one is my favorite. Thank God for fan service. <3 *squealfaint*) Most of the time, he wears a white mask that covers the upper half of his face, both because he has started to age too quickly due to the fact that he's a clone, and because he doesn't want to be recognized as a clone by anyone who knew his cell donor. While the mask itself is sexy, he's also a very beautiful man beneath it. The early aging doesn't show that much other than a few very fine lines, but the most compelling thing about his face is his eyes, which are a very haunted, striking, lovely dark blue. Although seeing him genuinely smile is pretty rare, he has a very sexy smirk that declares "I'm up to something devious" to the world. <3 We get to see him out of uniform about four or five times--once in a (hawt) tuxedo, once in civilian clothes (!), once in a bathrobe with a towel over his head *nosebleed*, and in the last few episodes, he appears in a DAMN sexy pilot suit. Thank God for skintight pilot suits. Ohgawdsosexy. ^_^ The fifth occasion we see him out of uniform, he doesn't seem to be wearing anything other than the comforter to his bed (!!!), but it's highly distracting that at that time, he's also suffering from the severe pain he has to stand in between doses of the powerful drugs he has to use to keep his body functioning.

Sum him up in a sentence.
Hmm... okay. "Darkly charming, intelligent and confident sex appeal in a little white mask."

What's his character archetype?
One part "charming villain", one part "tragic antihero", and one part "judgemental vigilante". We don't see much of that last part until the end of the series, though.

What's your favorite thing about him?
Well, there's that sexy voice, for starters. OhgawdIlovethatvoice. Mark Oliver gets huuuuuge hugs for the excellent voice acting. <3 Then there's that cute smirk. I love his smirk, and the way his hair flounces everywhere in zero gravity. But I think my favorite thing about him is the very honestly caring, nurturing side to his personality. There's so much good there, right beneath the surface where no one thinks to look for it.

...If you mean favorite physical thing, though, it'd have to be his drop-dead-gorgeous eyes. A girl could drown in those eyes.

Do you have to share him with anyone?
Rau-sama's fangirls are few and far between, so thankfully I don't have to have tug-of-wars with other rabid otakus. And it doesn't seem like any of the other characters of the show like him "that way" either. Except maybe Yzak. I hold a firm belief that Yzak has a crush on him, which I think is cute, especially since Rau-sama himself is totally oblivious to this. ^_^

Flay was glomming on him for a while (RARRARRARRARHISSSSS), but he didn't like her like that, nor did she like him like that. And she died anyway. I cheered.

Theme song?
None given in the anime, but personally I think of "Beautiful Stranger" by Madonna when I'm going through the cherished memories.

Best moment ever?
I'm not sure what episode it was, but it was awesome. He'd rescued Flay a while ago, and there she was in his quarters, all freaked out because she was with ZAFT, and she'd gone through his drawers and found his gun. He comes back in, and she points the gun at him, all scared and acting like she was going to shoot him or something. So, entirely calm, Rau-sama gives her a lecture about how stupid it would be for her to kill him, since she wouldn't be able to do anything afterwards and everyone else on the ship would just jump on her afterwards anyway. And then he pauses, gives her this look, and says, "I presume the gun is loaded." XD I almost died laughing.

Vital statistics?
Rau-sama is a 28-year-old Coordinator. His blood type and birth date aren't known, but from his personality he probably has type A blood, and as he's about a month younger than Mu, that makes him a Capricorn. He was born on Space Colony Mendel, at one of the most prestigious eugenics laboratories of PLANT. His cell donor was Ariga de Flaga (or "Al de Flaga" in the English version :P), and though it's never confirmed, the scientist behind his creation was probably Ulen Hibiki (Kira and Cagalli's father). After the cloning process, he was modified to be a Coordinator as a zygote. His rank in the ZAFT army is Commander; for most of the series he pilots a CGUE, but near the end he gets his own Gundam equipped with an N-Jammer Cancellor, known as the Providence. It's probably the most powerful Gundam in the original series.

Any significance or symbolism in his name?
In French, the word "creuset" means "crucible", highly appropriate as the crucible is often seen as a symbol of a climactic test or challenge. Given the way that Rau considers himself to be the judge of humanity's sins, he was well-named by the creators of the series.

What's his history?
Rau was born almost solely because of the extreme selfishness of Ariga de Flaga. Having quarreled with his pregnant wife, Ariga de Flaga decided that no son of hers would become his heir, and went to the scientists of Colony Mendel for help. Appealing to their desire for scientific discovery and offering them ample reward money, he convinced their lead scientist, Ulen Hibiki, to break the law banning cloning in order to create another Ariga who would succeed him. However, the clone would also have to be a powerful Coordinator as well, perfect in all regards.

Hibiki and the scientists of Mendel did what they could to fulfill Ariga de Flaga's request, and his cloned self was born about a month after his Natural son, Mu la Flaga. However, even Mendel's best couldn't thwart the reason that cloning had been banned in the first place--though a cloned being is a separate entity from its donor, starting life from infancy like any other life form, its cells will retain the donor's cell age, due to the fact that the telomeres within the clone's DNA cannot be lengthened back to its original state. Therefore, though Rau possessed abilities high above even most other Coordinators, he aged too quickly, leading to incurable health problems that would plague him for the rest of his life. Because of Ariga de Flaga's age, Rau would also have a much shorter life span than the average human.

Considering Rau a "failed product", Ariga de Flaga abandoned him to the scientists of Mendel, who used him as a test subject in their experiments until he was of no further use, then threw him out into the streets, where he spent most of his childhood.

Very little is known about Rau's past, and until he enlisted in ZAFT, he didn't exist at all in PLANT records. It is known, however, that he tracked down what served as his family in time to attend Ariga de Flaga's funeral, where he encountered Mu for the first time. There, he discovered that he had a psychic link with the boy who was somewhere between his brother and his twin, which he used to his advantage in the Bloody Valentine war, being able to sense Mu's presence and actions to some extent.

Very few people indeed have ever seen Rau's face; by the time he enlisted in ZAFT, he was already hiding behind his infamous mask, and his own very deep shame at the nature of his birth gave him the very desperate need to cover up. This eventually led to a phobia of being seen without his mask that borders on paranoia. Unable to reveal his vulnerabilities to anyone he didn't absolutely trust--and having no one he could trust that absolutely--Rau withdrew into himself and his own depression as his health steadily worsened and he began to attract the attention of ZAFT top brass due to his brilliant leadership skills and excellent piloting ability. Made a commander in the army, Rau found that his position had been suddenly and severely reversed--far from being the uncared for, abandoned scapegoat of his people, he was now a figure of high authority, looked up to by too many people for his liking. Each person who laid their trust and belief on him without bothering to really understand him was just putting more and more pressure on him, and he believed that he wouldn't have long until his own stigma of failure overwhelmed him again, forcing him to let them all down.

Disillusioned by the ugly face of humanity he'd seen at Mendel and through his childhood, as well as the violence of the war raging around him, Rau decided to take matters into his own very capable hands. Knowing he wouldn't have long before he would die either from the pain he was suffering--his body was adapting to the medication he used to suppress it too quickly--or the old age he would reach too early, Rau very gently encouraged the war to reach even bloodier heights, with the ultimate goal of a worldwide genocide initiated by humanity that would, in effect, end humanity and the evil of its selfishness. Because of his unique situation, only he would have the right to stand in judgment of humankind, Natural and Coordinator alike. Due to the stress of his condition, as well as several trying circumstances--among them, being seen maskless by his eternal rival Mu--Rau's precarious grip on his sanity was endangered towards the end of SEED, and had he survived longer, he might have started to lose his mind entirely.

Rau was killed by Kira Yamato at the Battle of Jachin Due, and it wasn't until fellow clone Rey za Burrel was introduced in Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Destiny that most SEED fans made any effort to understand what Rau was going through. It took his death and the suffering of someone so very like him for people to realize that he, too, was only human, with the same instinctive need of love and acceptance through understanding as everyone else.

What attracts you to him?
Aside from all the aforementioned lovable traits, I can identify with his sense of abandonment and depression. It's damn hard to love yourself when you don't believe that anyone truly loves you, after all. With most of my adoptees, I feel a very maternal love that stems from a need to nurture and heal them. Rau-sama is special because as much as I want to help him, I know that he could do the same for me, and not only that, but I'd be willing to bare myself to him. He and I are very alike--it's our idealism, in the end, that causes us to lose faith in people. He's the kind of person I would want to trust, and the kind of person whose trust I would be honored to have. He gave me something I could truly believe in, which is very rare.

And from the first moment I saw him, I just knew he was going to be someone special. I have been hopelessly, helplessly in love with him for over two years, and I don't ever want that to change.

If you could ever speak to him face to face, what would you say?
There are a lot of things I would want to say to Rau-sama, but the most important things I could say, the most important things I would want him to hear, are the words "I love you" and "You're beautiful". No one has ever told him that, and it's something everyone needs to know. Truly, honestly, I believe that just those words, those very simple words, could've saved him.

Anything else?
I'm still grieving for Rau-sama. I've reached the point that when I look back on my memories of him, I could cry or I could smile. I have loved and lost many people in my life, but it killed something important in me to lose him. And I do love him. No matter what happens, I always will.

I'm crying and smiling as I write these words. And I think that in the end, that's the highest tribute I can give.

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