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seaside ophelia.

I want to see what you make of this.

No one is named; only two of the characters are really described. It takes place in the late 18th century, and was done on a prompt from tartlyours; you don't have to be familiar with Yggdra Union to read it, though I'm sure it'd help.

What do you think is going on here? I really want to know your impressions, both in conversation here and in reviews.

These are the three songs I wrote it to:

Albatross (Judy Collins)

Daughter (Vienna Teng)

Harbor (Vienna Teng)

I'll talk about what I think is going on once I know what you guys think. XD; Seriously, I wanna discuss it! Please?



ALKDFHLSDKJA YESSSS We can has more contribution? :9


I think I forgot to warn people of this before: This fic is ample proof of the fact that I have never been able to picture Nessiah wearing pants. Never. Ever. All the other characters are wearing period-appropriate clothing, but Nessiah is... running around in a dress, still! XD; Please bear with him.
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