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vyctori! How are the 4koma coming?

urbydizzy! A partner and a prompt/kink for Roswell, plzkthx!

...GUYS. I want to run a Yggdra Union oneshot contest, if enough people are interested? A CERTAIN SOMEONE owes me fic, and I'd hope that one or two others of you might like it too?

UMM. I'll explain it more thoroughly if three or more people are interested, but basically the challenge is to write a sequel to this fic using a base set of guidelines. It's an AU story, and I have background notes on the characters I'll share with participants; the story has got some allusions to canonical spoilers, but I'd say that the minimum completion point of the actual game is BF18. (Gulcasa and Nessiah are in it, so unless their knowledge of YU canon is extensive--like, say, misheard's is--I'd ask that participants have played the game up to BF18.)

There'll be a set of basic qualifications (like minimum length and a few character no-nos), but aside from that it'd be anything goes?

Y/N, GUYS? I'd hope for 3+ participants, but a two is fine too, I guess. D:

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