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Dear fucktard that keeps raping the Yggdra Union character sheet:

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when editing a goddamn page like this.

-LEARN TO FUCKING WRITE INTELLIGENTLY. This means observing the laws of fucking grammar. There's a goddamn space between a colon and the word that follows it, and you definitely need a refresher on comma use.

-Paragraphs have a flow and a purpose. Do not interject random new sentences in the middle of them. It makes them far less coherent.

-To include a fan speculation, it needs to be a very widespread and commonly accepted fan speculation. This means not just something that you and two people agree on--it needs to be more something along the lines of fanon that's the most common interpretation of an unexplained character action.

-If you have never read a trope's page, read it before you add it to a series or character description. There's a very good chance that it doesn't mean exactly what you think it does. Even if you've read it before, double-check it. Make sure. Because occasionally you're right on, but usually you are very, very far off.

-Replay the game. Reread the side materials. Or just read them, if you haven't actually done so. Because for God's sake.

-This character sheet took ages to assemble, and I put a lot of work into it. Apparently just asking you to respect it is too much, so I'll just say shape the hell up or I will hunt you down and beat you. GAAAAAAAH.
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