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Now for something a little different.

I've promised the boyfriend the translation of a certain ~15-page fic I found for his birthday, so I've been doing some other fic stuff as practice.

I've got three here: One's gen, one is Roswell/Yggdra, and one pretends to be Roswell/Yggdra but it's more like Rosary/Roswell/Yggdra or self-psyching Roswell gennish fic.

Since I'm sure someone or other will be curious and want to see, have the genfic. I'm a terrible person and have lost the URL to the original story, but if I find it, I'll post it here. ;;;

This one is called "prologue", and there are some allusions to late-game spoilers.


When did that story actually begin, I wonder?

Was it from the time the fallen one’s deep green eye began to shine?

Was it from the time the man became king?

Was it from the time the girl lost everything?

…Or instead, was it from the time the girl met the boy?

In any case, within the cruelty of history—that story existed.


“I want to change this country—”

With that wish, the man took weapon in hand.

And the man attained enough strength to change the country.

…However, the man still sought power.

His dragon’s blood desired it.

…The man knew that he couldn’t call it a just path.

But at the same time, he knew that he couldn’t reject the self that desired power.

He couldn’t turn back any longer.

And so the man turned the point of his scythe against the neighboring country.


Kingdom of Fantasinia
Royal Capital Paltina

“I’ll never forgive him. …I’ll never forgive him!!”

The princess’ overflowing hatred continued to scream through her entire body.

For seventeen years, she had lived without knowing despair—but now, after she’d lost everything, her eyes were filled with violent emotion.

She turned away from the land where she was born.

That dull beacon against the crimson sky which rang with the death cries of soldiers, that indifferently standing castle—she couldn’t go back there anymore.

Even though she knew that, she nearly turned back out of instinct.

Still, the princess ran for her life.

With each step, her flaxen gold hair fluttered and caught the light.

She ran, and ran, and ran.

To the south—to escape from the powerful northern nation, from the invaders from Bronquia

“I’ll never… ever forgive him.”

The princess was still very immature. Even as she continued to run, she clutched the sword yet taller than she to her breast.

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