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I don't really ship this pairing anymore, but good god the moe.

This is Roswell/Rosary, and the original can be found here.

a certain special day

It was several months before the battle at Verlaine Hills.
Frankly, the speed at which time flows is astonishing.

While walking down the street, Roswell happened to hear the conversations of some girls passing by.

The girls were all smiling, carrying beautifully-wrapped packages.

It was Valentine’s Day.
A special day when girls gave chocolate pastries to men they liked…

…Or something of that sort.
At least, that was what Roswell understood from what those girls were speaking of.

But even so, was this Valentine’s Day really that special?

Just like always, Roswell crossed an empty bridge.
While on that bridge, he looked at the lovely, flowing river.

After he’d been doing so for a little while, something hit him lightly.

“What the heck are you doing, Lord Spacey?”

Rosary was standing behind him.
She was lowering her hand.

“Rosary…? What do you need?”

At Roswell’s words, Rosary made a pouty face and gave a small sigh.

“Since you’re taking so long to get home, I came to meet you, stupid. Everyone’s worried.”

“Is that so? I’m sorry about that.”

But the moment Roswell turned and began to leave the bridge…

“Anyway, here!!”

Rosary held it out with a reddening face.
It was carefully wrapped in a white ribbon.

After staring at it for a while, dazed, Roswell slowly lifted his hand to accept the box.

Rosary turned her back on him.

“A… anyway, that’s out of courtesy, you hear, courtesy!! Absolutely nothing more and nothing less!!”

After she said that, Rosary began to stomp off quickly.

It was Valentine’s Day.
When girls gave chocolate to men they liked,

a special day…

Quietly laughing, watching Rosary retreat woodenly, Roswell murmured “thank you”.
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