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I love Monica but all fic starring her is so depressing

More from the same author as the last. Canaan/Monica, spoilers, character death; original is here.

unwavering resolve

There was word that the Royal Army will be invading this place… our Empire.

So that we won’t lose our familiar lands, our homes, we’ve decided to stand up against those invaders.

That’s right… as if we’ll let them take everything away!


In the middle of the preparations for battle, Canaan was calling her.
Monica left her sword on her desk, and hurried over to him.

“Sorry. And at a time like this…”

Apologizing, Canaan hung his head and looked away.

“No, it’s okay… I wanted to see you, too…”

Monica’s hands and even her entire body were shaking. She seemed very small right then, as if a single touch might shatter her.

“Actually, I’m… a little afraid of fighting.”


“But, you know. Losing our land, our memories, and everyone we love… losing you is a lot scarier than that, Canaan.”

Monica looked up.
It was a gallant expression he’d never seen her wear before.

The boy was arrested by the girl’s look of fierce resolve.

“That’s why—I’ll fight!”

“Yeah, let’s protect them together!”

The boy, the girl, and all the people
gripped their swords.

In order to protect the things they held dear…


Canaan reached out to the girl lying beside him.
Without even enough strength to embrace her, even as his vision was blurring, he finally found her, and touched her cold hand.

“I’m sorry…, Monica…”

Canaan called the girl’s name, and as his first tear fell…

He closed his eyes…
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