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this and then one more later

Translated late at night while I was waiting to be able to get back to sleep. This one's Milanor/Kylier (with Yggdra), and has spoilers through chapter 8. It's sad. (I adore this ship, but oh my god ;-;)

Original is here.

a requiem for you


When the sun had set completely, and everyone had already fallen asleep…
Yggdra awakened all of a sudden.
Her heavy body had awakened completely.

“What… was that just now…?”

Yggdra closed her eyes and concentrated, straining her hearing.

Just slightly, she could hear an unfamiliar melody.

Who was that singing…?

Setting aside the blankets that had covered her, Yggdra left her tent.

Today there was a beautiful full moon, and she could see easily.

She followed the sound to the place the melody seemed to be coming from, and Milanor was sitting facing that full moon, looking up at the night sky.

It seemed like he was the one singing.
Soon, Yggdra had come up right behind him.

That was when Milanor stopped singing.
And then, he turned around.


“Ah, I’m sorry. I just heard that song, so I…”

Seeing Yggdra panicking, Milanor smiled emptily without thinking.

“It’s no problem you heard me, so settle down.”

“Ah, yes…”

Calming down, Yggdra sat down next to him.

“That song had a nice tune. What was it…?”


Right to the heart, huh…
Thinking that, he looked up at the moon again.
Then, with his eyes half-closed, he started to speak.

“Kylier sang it a lot.”


“What’s that song? You’re always singin’ it, aren’t you?”

“That’s because I like it.”

“I don’ really get it.”

“Milanor, it’s fine if you don’t get it!!”

“What the heck?!”

You can’t sing anymore

“Well… it’d be nice if you did someday, though…”

You can’t blush and laugh like that anymore, either…


Whenever I think that, my chest starts hurting like it’s being squeezed…

“Whenever I sing this song, you know… it feels like Kylier’s right next to me.”


Yggdra looked at him as though she were about to start crying.
Seeing her with that face, Milanor hit her lightly on the head.
And he smiled.

“I told you not to make that face, right?”


But it’s harder for you.
She wanted to say that, but didn’t at the last minute.

If I said that, I wouldn’t be able to keep from crying.

I couldn’t… and neither could he…

“I’m stayin’ here for a bit longer, so you get back to bed.”

“But isn’t it cold without blankets?”

The wind had always been cold today.
And he’d been sitting here all that time despite it.
Milanor’s body was freezing.

“’M fine. Actually, I’m goin’ to bed soon too.”

“I understand. Well then, good night.”

“Yeah. G’night.”

Yggdra slowly raised her head and returned to her tent.

Behind her, Milanor had started to sing again.
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