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last one for now

I've run out of short stories to translate, so this is it for now. Actually, if you've got some Yggdra Union jfic that you'd like me to look at, give me a link and I'll take a whack at it. (Though, as a warning, I will not translate Milanor/Yggdra or stuff with other pairings I dislike, such as Leon/Elena and Gulcasa/twins.)

This one is Milanor/Kylier and is cute. Original is here.

“What… are these?”

Kylier drifted closer to the purple shining through the thicket.

“They’re… flowers.”

Spreading out like a garden, purple… lavender flowers were rustling in the wind, giving off a sweet scent.

For Kylier, who spent every day flying, looking down on the world from above… it was the first time she’d ever seen these rare flowers.
When she tried picking one, she half-closed her eyes and smiled.

just that you’re here


“Kylier! Oi, Kylier!!”


In reply to the voice calling her, Kylier just rolled over in bed.

“Kylier, wake up already.”

The warmth of that hand on her shoulder. At that feeling, Kylier took a breath and opened her eyes.
Reflected in her hazy field of vision was her childhood friend…

“Ngh… what is it, Milanor?”

“Hey, don’ say it so carelessly.”

Milanor let go of her shoulder and sighed.
Kylier slowly sat up.

“Why the heck are you sleepin’ in a place like this?”

“Nn… When I smelled the flowers, I got kinda sleepy.”

“Even Al’s asleep…”

Milanor looked at the carelessly sleeping griffon and smiled wryly.

“It’s probably because he’s relaxed.”


Milanor and Kylier looked at each other and laughed.

The time when you’re here,
The instant you smile,

is the most… comforting to me.

Yeah, it’s as if…
These rare purple flowers…

It’s like being enveloped in the lavender again.

“Anyhow, we’ve gotta get going. They’ll get pissed if we just sit here wastin’ time.”


Without thinking, Kylier took Milanor’s outstretched hand.
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