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FFIV Mini Omake

A few things that occurred to me while playing FFIV:

:End of the dungeon w/the evil doors:

Golbez: Muahahahaha! Kain, I 0wnz j00

Cecil, Rosa: ZOMG Kain!!

Kain: It's okay, I'm no longer under his control *pause* *promptly falls back under his control*


:Palace on moon/Giant of Babel:

FuSoYa: *Darth voice* Cecil... I AM YOUR UNCLE!!

Rosa, Edge, Rydia: *_*

Cecil: ^_^ Cool beans!

FuSoYa: *normal voice* And... *points to Golbez* he's your brother.

Cecil: O_O;; Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Golbez: ;_; *emotionally damaged*


Heheh. BTW, I wonder how you actually pronounce Cecil's name, since there should be two ways? I wish I could see the actual katakana they used; it would be a relief to know that it's either "Se-ci-ru" or "Ci-ci-ru".

And I simply cannot get over how adorable those chibi Golbez battle sprites are! He looks like Gades!! So huggable~ *huggles*

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