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fail!Feral finally got it translated @_@

Stupid frigging tiny DS screen with its stupid frigging cramped kanji. :T

Yggdra Unison prologue

Under the assault of the new Bronquian Empire, the kingdom of Fantasinia’s northern castle town, Karona, has fallen—

That single event sent both Fantasinia and the entire continent into a state of shock. The long-held era of peace and prosperity had come to an end…

Steadily, the possibility war was swelling. The various armed forces were getting ready for the inevitable decisive battles between them, and slowly but surely, military preparations had begun: The world would be embroiled in a great clash between warlords.

The people would be drawn into battles regardless of their own desires, pulled into the maelstrom…

In order to grant their own desires, those with power would rise up, and the world would be engulfed in an age of fire and steel…

A certain person knew this, and that person stood with weapon in hand in order to challenge that chaotic world and change it by force…
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