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Milanor Unison (part 1)

So as you may have gathered, I started playing Yggdra Unison the other day, realizing that if I had any chance to screencap like a crazy person and chronicle my adventures in the land of I-barely-speak-this-language-what-am-I-doing, this is it!

It's probably going to look a lot like a Let's Play, orz

So when you first start the game, you get to choose whether to play as Milanor or Yggdra. Since Milanor's path is easier (and oh my god moonspeak directions I can barely read them), I decided to go with him.

Milanor’s Thieves
Leader: Milanor the Silver Wolf
Generals: 3 (Milanor, Kylier, Flunky)
Handicap: 1
A band of thieves with headquarters in the wastes to the far south, who have started to become a cohesive army.

Milanor: Alright! We’re not gonna lose!

In the world where the weak always meet with hardship, Milanor the Silver Wolf—who had always resented this reality—realized one day that his oppressors were exhausted from the constant fighting and would be weak to a surprise attack. Taking this as the perfect opportunity, he and his most trusted comrades moved out to forge a free world with no borders of social status nor discrimination, and cut into the war in order to dispatch the world’s tyrants…

I. I. What is this. My Milly? Decided to be a communist freedom fighter? MAN, YOU SCORED SOME POINTS THERE. Awwww. Awwwwwww.

Milanor's only possible course of action is to attack Lorca Lake, so you immediately get sent there and then have to choose a card. (I didn't even get the chance to let it activate, so lmao I have no idea what we got.)

Ishiene: This is our domain! We’ll show no mercy to invaders!

Essentially, the point of a stage is to capture the territory that the enemy's general is sitting on. You have to get your units across the stage and attack them however many times it takes (your units are thrown back when you attack a fortified general, so it can take a while). For whatever reason I've been having trouble actually getting the game to accept numbers when I'm doing a Unison Attack, so thus far I've just been mobbing bosses with multiple units in single-attacker clashes.

Unlike in Yggdra Union, not only will you lose if your army leader gets killed, but you'll also lose if the enemy captures your starting point. (I will freely admit that I messed up and lost once before I realized this.)

Milanor: Oi, if you get in my way I’m not goin’ easy on you, hear that?!
Ishiene: We won’t let you humans do as you like anymore! Don’t try to hinder us!

My first Duel Event, www. So far, Flunky and Kylier haven't gotten any Duel Events for whatever reason. (Then again, I haven't actually attacked any bosses with Kylier except Nietzsche. The first stage takes place at night, and Griffon Riders are useless at night, so I basically just left Kylier in the wings for it once I had the mechanics figured out.)

Ishiene: R-ridiculous…
Ishiene: Kh… beaten by a bunch of humans…
Milanor: That’ll teach ya not to underestimate your opponents!


Milanor: This place is under our control now. Drop your weapons!

And then I won.

Milanor: This one’s our win!
Milanor: Man, this feels good. Let’s keep it going just like this!

I attempted to have Ishiene join us, but she stuck up her nose at me and informed me that if I intend to seize her vital regions, I'd better come back with bigger tracts of land.

Flunky: Boss, here’s the enemy’s general!
Milanor: There’s somethin’ I wanna ask you. I want you to come with us.
Ishiene: It’s useless trying to persuade me!

man whatever :C

And then I got to hand out items. We only had one Medallion, so I gave it to Kylier because Milanor should be allowed to show his not-quite-girlfriend-yet a little favoritism. :3a

That was it for my first session! See you again for my next one, in which Milanor shows his lolicon tendencies bullies little girls fights Nietzsche and her... women for Phelinas!

Hee, this is more fun than I thought it would be... :D
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