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Milanor Unison (part 2)

Let's keep the streak going! This part will cover my conquest of Embellia!

Here we are, in the second installment of Milanor Unison~. Last time, Milanor showed us all his true aspirations of succeeding Marx making a world where everyone can be equal, and his own people and all the other lower classes won't experience discrimination anymore.

Well, the war is still going on all around us after all, and our scouts have some news for us on the general state of things outside our new domain.

Scout: Here’s my report! The United Woodland Forces invaded the Imperial domain! The United Woodland Forces was able to defeat their opponent, and it seems like they’ve taken over there!

Scout: In the desert bandits’ domain, there was an earthquake! Buildings have collapsed, and it seems there’s a lot of damage. The above is all I have to report, so I’ll return to my duties now!

I had a choice of whether I wanted to attack Rosary or keep fighting to take over Embellia, and I decided that I'd rather finish conquering Embellia before I go after her. The weapons triangle is a little different in Unison, so I'm not in as much trouble as I could be, heading off to beat up a bunch of witches, but all the same, having some new named generals would be nice.

Next is Phelinas, which as you can see is under the command of Nietzsche.

Nietzsche: Don’t bother us!

Milanor: Oi, get outta the way! You’re gonna get hurt if you don’t, got it?!
Nietzsche: Nietzsche can’t afford to lose!

This time went a bit more smoothly--or it would've if I hadn't picked Fortune as my card this time. 8| Roaaar. Fortune randomly teleports your units all over the place, so a lot of the time when I was trying to attack Nietzsche, Milanor and Kylier wound up all over the gd map.

I defeated every one of Nietzsche's underlings and then beat her up. I also was able to find the card-peek area and the treasure hunt hut, which made me c:.

Nietzsche: Nietzsche tried so hard...
Nietzsche: Waaah, it hurts, it hurts!
Milanor: Oi, you gotta stop here, okay? You’ll die if you don’t!


Between one thing and another, we wound up using up nearly all of our time and just made it to capture Nietzsche's fortress, whee!

Milanor: Phew, that was harder than I thought it’d be.

Nietzsche: You caught Nietzsche, but you can’t just do whatever you want…
Nietzsche: Umm… okay, I’ll help you…

Nietzsche's such a sweetie. Normally everyone would be turning my demands to join them down, but Nietzsche is easygoing, so she joined up with us right away. (Wow, she's even worried about Milly being a lolicon. Tough break, man. Stop picking on twelve-year-olds.)

I had to get rid of one of my no-name-sans in order to put Nietzsche on my team, and then I handed out medallions and we were good to go. o/

I got to go on my first expedition after that, and Nietzsche found a Glass Bottle for me! o/ ;w;

Scout: The Meriant sect invaded the desert bandits’ domain! The Meriant sect was able to defeat their opponent, and it seems like they’ve taken over there! Since their leader has been defeated, the desert bandits have been destroyed. In the Meria precinct, there was an earthquake! Buildings have collapsed, and it seems there’s a lot of damage.

Actually, when I first loaded up the game and got my reports, the report was that Roswell had been defeated by Rosary's army. I reset. :C I don't know whether or not enemy generals defeated like this die or not, and I want Roswell in my party if I can swing it.

Emelone: By all means, I shall accept your challenge!

We had the choice of either attacking Emelone and conquering Embellia completely, or attacking Rosary. We already decided to conquer Embellia first, so the choice was obvious.

Emelone had Valkyries for some reason, which led to me going FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU and bringing Nietzsche and a no-name-san knight out to fight them off while I had Milanor attack Emelone and Flunky defend my base.

Milanor didn't get any Duel Events with Emelone. Nietzsche might have, but I beat Emelone before I had the opportunity to actually bring Nietzsche up to confront her.

Nietzsche captured the Aqua Palace:

Nietzsche: Nietzsche did her best!

Milanor: We done good so far! Let’s keep the energy up!
Nietzsche: We brought a strong person!
Emelone: I have no intention of pleading for my life.

I tried to get her to join me too, but...

Emelone: Whatever you say, I don’t want to listen.


WHAT IS IT WITH UNDINES AND WANTING MASSIVE TRACTS OF LAND. :C I sadfase at you, Emelone. I thought you were less shallow than thaaaa~t!

Anyhow, please have a look at our next adventure, too! We'll be attacking Rosary now. c:
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