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Milanor Unison (part 5)

Alright, this one should be the final entry! At this point, there's only Fantasinia, Bronquia, and the Temple Knights left to defeat, so let's charge in with high spirits and finish the job!

Last time, we'd just defeated Zilva and were about to square off with Baldus at Ishnad. Now that there are only three countries left and they're all isolated from each other, the war situation reports are going to get considerably fewer in number.

Baldus: Are you prepared?

Baldus: I share the blame, for underestimating you.

h-he uses "sessha" as his pronoun here

w-why is that so goddamn cute ;____;

Baldus: Take my life, if you wish.

...I tried to get him on my side, but he refused. I-I was so sad. ;____;

From here, I could attack both Monica and Canaan. I went after Canaan first. Be prepared for lots of screencaps, because I love the militia kids. ;w;

Canaan: We’ll definitely defeat you!


Canaan: We won’t let anyone through!
Canaan: I-I can’t believe I lost…
Canaan: Better than being a prisoner of war!

And then Monica.

Monica: Fine, come and get it!

fdkjas;l monicaaaaaaaaaaa

Monica: We’re gonna protect this place!
Monica: Now they won’t be able to use the cannon battery!
Monica: Is it really no good…?

I think my character bias might be showing.

Monica: Just what do you mean to do now that you caught me?!

jfdkhgkldsjfa hahahahahahaha. Why is everyone worried that Milanor is secretly a molester

Monica: What the hell, these invaders are really conceited…!




brb dyinggg Monica I love you

...I kind of wanted to take her with me but. HER ATK IS ONLY 2, OKAY. ;A;

Emilia: I’m definitely not gonna lose!

Moe. ...She ends a lot of her sentences with ~dakara, come to think of it.

Emilia: Wh-what should I do…?
Emilia: I’m not giving up…!
Emilia: Fine then! Bye-bye!

guys why are all the little girls in this game so adorable

Eudy: Hehe, interesting! What do you think you can do?

And Eudy ends a lot of things in ~nasai or ~ja nai. Some of these guys have bizarre speech patterns. ...I almost missed screencapping that, orz.

Mizer: This army cursed or what? At least I might make some money off of you!
Eudy: The enemy’s coming! Prepare to engage!


Eudy: I… I’ll remember this…!
Eudy: Kh… beaten by a bunch of bounty hunters… you’re not bad!
Mizer: There’s no connection between your job and how strong you are, right?

I love Mizer.

Eudy: Do as you like.
Eudy: You’re not going to get anything for letting me go, you know?

Scout: In the Royal Army’s territory, there was an outbreak of miasma! Citizens have collapsed, and it seems there’s a lot of damage.

Sorry, Yggdra, the gods of gaming have spoken. Let's take a break from fighting the Imperial Army and conquer Fantasinia! wwwww

Yggdra: There’s no choice. I’ll take you on!

...what happened to your catchphrase yggdra

Durant: Princess… please prepare yourself! I will not go easy on you!
Yggdra: To think I’d have to fight you… but I won’t show any mercy!

^The above is proof that I am a terrible person.

Mizer: Are you the kingdom’s princess? Maybe my luck’s turned around!
Yggdra: …You’re aiming at me? TOUCH ME AND I’LL CUT YOU If you come near me, I shall strike you down!

...she said it wwwwwww

Yggdra: I can’t… anymore…
Yggdra: Do what you please.
Yggdra: …Let’s cooperate.


Durant: So I cannot serve you… I am truly sorry.
Yggdra: Thank you very much.

There's still one sword-user left (Luciana) at this point, but I figured that with Yggdra, Roswell, and Mizer I'd be okay.

Speaking of Luciana, let's go fight her now! /o/

Luciana: Surely you jest. I’ll make you regret this now!

Her line is almost the same as Aegina's. Hey, maybe the reason Luciana's always so oVo is because she got designated as Tiny Tim during the revolution and didn't get to do much asskicking then? (She's on crutches in the Blaze Union opening...)

Yggdra: Get out of the way! If you don’t…
Luciana: Yggdra… I cannot lose to you!

I shall get out my popcorn for this! *giggle* ...what the hell, when did I turn into Nessiah here

Luciana: That was such a failure…!
Luciana: Kh… no resisting fate, huh…

:3a iiiidk, I think I'm doing a good job of punching fate in the face right about now? Do we have to get Kei-chan in here to start lecturing you, Lucianaaaaaaa?

Yggdra: I’m… not strong enough, right?

Sorry Yggdra, but your Nee-san has like twice your attack value and needs more love. /shrug

Luciana: I’ll take it.

Oh look, she can smile!

...Okay. This was the part in my playthrough where I first challenged Gulcasa, but even once I figured out how best to take him down, he wouldn't join me. I ragequit for a while, then went and grabbed more territory and kept going back and trying Gulcasa until the brat finally gave up. :|bb I'm going to leave all my screencapping of my fights with Gulcasa until my save file says I got there, so for now we're going to ignore my attempts and proceed with beating up Dort and Amareus.

Dort: Awright, time to get to work!

He has kind of an odd dialect, doesn't he? I wonder what it technically is. Don't think it's Kansai. Maybe Ryushu, like Moses?

She's so brusque when the enemy isn't from her own army. wwwww moe

Dort: I-I’ll reflect on my actions, so forgive me…
Dort: Gahahaha! Sorry to bother you.

I have decided: I really like Dort. He's so jolly and silly. |D

Amareus: *giggle* Are you ready?

She giggles almost as much as Nessiah does.

Amareus: A loss is a loss… Do as you like.
Amareus: *giggle* You’re naïve, aren’t you…

She hits on people a lot, too.

Okay, so. Gulcasa.

Gulcasa: Interesting. I’ll take you on!

The thing about Unison is that even though the weapon affinity is a bit different, scythes still have no real weaknesses. They can counter everything, and it takes two hits in a Unison to knock them down (if not knocked down, your enemy will counter the last member of your Unison). And Gulcasa's ATK is at seven, meaning that it's very difficult to actually damage him--you need a Unison at least three strong to dent the guy. By the way, both you and Gulcasa have exactly three extra unit entry points, and they're all the kind that the opposing side can destroy. So you actually need to think tactically if you want to defeat him.

Also, if you're fighting Gulcasa anywhere late in your game, he will viciously attack your entry points. Very few generals are smart enough to actually do this, so it can be incredibly FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU-inducing. The difficulty went up noticeably after I'd defeated Dort and Amareus--Gulcasa was going after mine a lot harder than he did before.

Anyway, here's me figuring all of this out and throwing everyone at him that I could:

Luciana: Your Majesty… I’m sorry… Please prepare yourself!
Gulcasa: Don’t hold back. Come at me!

Yeah, I'm a terrible person. The first time I did this, Gulcasa swiftly handed Luciana her ass:

Luciana: As expected of Your Majesty…!
Gulcasa: Didn’t I tell you not to hold back?

I love the "I expected to have trouble with you, and I know you can do better than this" connotation to Gulcasa's lines here. kfdjlsa;

After this, I started getting better and having more success. Also, I adore Gulcasa. kfdjsla wwwwwww

Kylier: You’re the enemy’s general, huh? Get ready!
Gulcasa: I have no business with you small fries! If you care about your life, get out of here!

Milanor: You’re the boss they call the Blazing Emperor, right? You better be ready!
Gulcasa: I have no idea who the hell you are, but I’ll be your opponent!

...why do i find these two to be so hilarious

Gulcasa: R-ridiculous…

^If you defeat him with a Unison of three people.

Gulcasa: You... you...!

^If you defeat him with a Unison of four people. You gotta love Japanese for the number of ways you can have enraged screams of "YOOOOOUUUU!", hahaha. Onoreeeee...! why so moe

Gulcasa: Y-you did it, Luciana… you know me too well.
Luciana: I’m not going to take your life. Please lay down your weapon!

Awwww. Awwwwwwww. Th-these two are so cute, why are they so cute. jfdklsa Luciana using keigo, s-so moe. And Gulcasa seriously is a natural airhead. why so fucking moeeee


And then we won. BUT WHAT IS THIS--?!

The liberation of Bronquia

To gain a free and equal world… Milanor’s thieves have defeated the Bronquian Empire, the greatest barrier in the way of that goal.

Blazing Emperor Gulcasa and his forces were truly the strongest, but in order to protect his vast territory, his generals were spread out, and because of that, it was possible to attack them one by one and secure victory in the end. The moment that their idealized world would become reality was near… sensing that, Milanor continued the march ahead.

Milanor: I never thought we’d actually make it this far, though!

Luciana: We won’t harm you. Don’t resist.
Gulcasa: I didn’t exert my full strength… that’s all this is.

Luciana is so much nicer to her own forces (this is the general-captured line she gets for anyone from Bronquia). Maybe there really is a cute girl underneath all that ANGERRRR? And kdjfsldlskaf; Gulcasa. Just. lmao.

Gulcasa: I’ll make certain of your power…



Mizer: Is that the case? See you later!

So I sent Mizer home.

Gulcasa: I suppose I’ll take it.

so moe jdflkjsadf hnnnnng. christ his VIT is high

Gordon: We will not be defeated. I accept your challenge!

shut up and let me bask in it, okay ;____;

Gulcasa: If you want to live, get out of my way!
Gordon: Emperor! In God’s name, I shall crush your ambitions!

wwwwww Gulcasa. This is a lot like their conversation in Yggdra Union canon.

Also, Gordon seems a lot angrier here than he does in the main game... it's kind of sad, I liked the fact that he didn't have that stereotypical RELIGIOUS RAAAAAAEEG.

I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT this makes me happy, okay ;A;

Roswell: A paladin, huh… What will you do? Shall we do battle?
Gordon: A magician of Branthèse… I shall take you on!
Gordon: For me to have failed…!
Roswell: You had best stop there. If you don’t, your life will be in danger.

hnnnnnnnnnnnnng that smugfase

Gulcasa: This land is ours!


Gordon: I won’t accept pity from the enemy…
Gordon: Then let us met again on the battlefield.

Milanor: !! Wha…?!





"Now entering the Hall of Fame...!" (Meaning, our Where Did They Wind Up epilogue!)

Title: Kylier the Capricious
Vitality: High
25 battles, 93 attacks, 8 kills
Defeated once
Score: 867,599
It is said that her travels through various countries gained her many friends, but in return, she was never able to find a land where she could live peaceably…
Kylier: Good work! I always believed that you could do it, Milanor!

Title: Honor Student Roswell
Vitality: Medium
18 battles, 89 attacks, 12 kills
Defeated once
Score: 961,599
It’s said that there were always a number of abstract theses on his desk, but in order to produce a concrete theory he had great success as an adviser…
Roswell: Hmph… It was too easy.

Title: 75% Luciana
Vitality: Medium
4 battles, 37 attacks, 7 kills
Never defeated
Score: 469,400
It’s said that after learning all her lessons in battle, she went on to live successfully as an ordinary woman…
Luciana: Hmph… it was a good one.

Title: Absentminded Lord Gulcasa
Vitality: High
1 battle, 14 attacks, 2 kills
Never defeated
Score: 159,800
It’s said that although his allies understood that his recklessness was part of his unthinking nature, it still shocked them, and they tried to keep that information a secret…
Gulcasa: Kh… great power, huh…

...he is a natural airhead...! D: stop making fun of him, you guyyysss. H-his face... fkjdsal; /p-pats

Title: Sneak-Thief King Milanor
Vitality: N/A
25 battles, 100 attacks, 6 kills
Defeated once
Score: 942,299
It’s said that after he finally became the king of thieves, he put so much dedication into small things that it got in the way of his being successful…
Milanor: We did it! The whole world’s been unified! I’ll never betray my comrades. Everybody, follow after me!

~A Rare King of Thieves~
Originally Milanor’s thieves didn’t even have enough land to be called a real armed power, but their will to save the weak and crush the strong soon united the hearts of the people. That chance to seek freedom was only seized through the chaos of battle, but even through the troubles of rebuilding a world ruined by fighting, the people couldn’t suppress their smiles. Finally, a free world had been built…


I wasn't able to screencap it because I was too busy laughing my ass off at it, but after the credits the screen went black and there was this little fade-in of Nessiah smirking, and the game went DUNNNNNNN!, wwwww. I-I thought you were supposed to be sleeping, you silly little moeblob?!

Anyhow, that's it for Milly! If my actual copy of the game doesn't get here for a while, I'll go ahead and screencap through Yggdra too, maybe. I half-cleared a lot of generals, and also unlocked a new route:

That's it for Milanor Unison! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it! o/
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