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Yggdra Unison (part 1)

Since I did Milanor's route and can plow through these really fast now, how about I do as many more as I can before my copy of the game actually arrives? Also, damn you Amazon, ship my stuff when I buy it. ಥ_ಥ M-my Unison drama CD, nooo, I'm going back to college tonight?!! I won't be able to get it until Wednesday at the earliest... /raeg

Anyway, I beat Yggdra's route last night, so here, have half of it translated! A lot of characters have repeated lines and such, so her route has about 100 fewer caps than Milanor's.

Kingdom of Fantasinia
Leader: Princess Yggdra
Generals: 3 (Yggdra, Durant, Cruz)
Handicap: 3
A bountiful country in the center of the continent with the capital city, Paltina, at its heart.

Yggdra: Justice lies with the Holy Sword! Now then, let us go!

This should be way easier now that I know what I'm doing, right? Right.

As conflicts began to erupt in various lands, the young princess of Fantasinia—Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz—looked out from the castle that controlled everything, wishing to stabilize the world. In order to regain peace, she decided to head out into battle herself. Seeking a way to attain peace other than military power, the young princess took the royal family’s ancestral holy sword, and stood bravely against the mighty foes gathering before her…

I went and took out Nyllard first:

Yggdra: I cannot forgive you!

Yggdra: Our will shall not falter!

Yggdra: It looks like there weren’t any problems.

Yggdra: Everyone, let’s try our best to keep moving like this!
Durant: Princess, this is the enemy’s general!
Yggdra: I shall not take your life. Please leave this place.

Dort: You want to fight? That’s funny! I’ll face you, then!
Dort: I never expected this…
Cruz: Hip, hip, hurray!
Cruz: It’s useless to resist us, so don’t try.
Yggdra: We of the Royal Army require your power.
Dort: I’m tired… I’m done with fighting!

Inzaghi: Kihihi… I’ll make mincemeat outta you!
Inzaghi: Y-you bastard…!
Inzaghi: I refuse!

In case you're wondering what happened to the situation reports, I stopped keeping track of them after a while because they're kind of tedious to screencap.

This was where I stopped for the first time, and here's where I resumed.

Yggdra: Then, let us go. In the name of the Holy Sword!

Next was Lenessey, which I didn't even get to in my last playthrough because Rosary got there first.


Mistel: Oh, please let me help too, won’t you?

jdfslkjglkasdj ahhhhh

Mistel joins you automatically if you're playing as the Royal Army, but if you're playing any other army you have to defeat her first.

I had originally planned to get rid of my entire team and get all country leaders (as that's a requirement for the Imperial Army), but jdkfsl this. I knew I couldn't do it now. (Thanks, Mistel. ;~;)

Ortega: I don’t wanna die, but I won’t help you.

poo on you too man :C

Mizer: I’ll show you how serious I am!

Cruz: This is for the sake of the revolution, too! You better not hate me for this!
Mizer: Oh?! Aren’t you that Cruz with the huge bounty on his head? It looks like my luck’s finally turned around!

Cruz has got this... pathological inability to shut up about revolution. I can't decide whether it's cute or annoying, but he's even stupider than everyone has decided Gulcasa is... |D

Mizer: He got me! Goddamnit…
Cruz: Know that the heart of the revolution will never lose!

Cruz: If you understand, then get out of the way!

Mizer: You’re gonna let me go?! Lucky!

I meant to come back and beat up Pamela later, but uh, Elena got there first. Oops. :C

Rosary: Fine, come and get it!

So I beat the crap out of Rosary instead. (Ortega took over her golem's turf, and Embellia beat Roswell's Servant, so I didn't have to fight either of them.)

Nietzsche: Do we have to?

Mistel: Oh, little fishy~? It’s dangerous to stay there, you know?
Nietzsche: Nietzsche isn’t a fish!

Yggdra: Get out of our way! If you don’t, then no matter who you are…
Nietzsche: If you want to try, then Nietzsche won’t hold back!

delicious duel events, they make this game so fun~. Mistel called Nietzsche a fish back in the sample from the dramas, too...

Nietzsche: Waaaah!

Nietzsche: It hurts, it hurts!
Mistel: Oh, did that hurt? I’m sorry!


Royal Territory Expansion!
At the end of their many military expeditions, the number of Fantasinia’s controlled dominions had grown vast.

For making her country powerful through territorial expansion, Yggdra’s name had become known throughout the continental world.

However, because the surrounding countries could no longer just ignore her, Yggdra continued with the preparations for the next battle, in order to prove that power…

Yggdra: Let’s hurry and secure our next victory!

Yggdra: Don’t ever come back here again.
Nietzsche: Bye-byyyye!

Emelone: Unfortunately, we cannot simply stand down.

Durant: On my pride as a knight, let us do battle!
Emelone: All right. I accept your challenge, sir knight!

Emelone: Then, please demonstrate your justice for me.

Emelone: I’ll accept this with thanks.

That's all for today! Next entry will start with my attack on Bronquia, since we now have a full party~. Look forward to it!
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