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Yggdra Unison (part 2)

And here's the rest of Yggdra's route! These may be arriving a bit slower than I would like due to arg college, but I'll keep plugging away at this game on this gd emulator until my actual copy of the game arrives. o/

Last time, we had just conquered Embellia, and were about to go punch Bronquia, so shall we commence with that?

Start of the Battle with Bronquia
In order to keep their long-standing rival Bronquia from moving, the Fantasinian army began to move towards the Empire’s main land.

Having decided to march on the new Bronquian Empire in order to ascertain the peace and order of the continental world, Yggdra gathered her main forces and marched towards the Imperial domain.

If they could win this battle, the greatest threat to the kingdom would be removed. In the end, which side would the goddess of victory smile upon…?

Yggdra: The fate of the kingdom rests on this one battle!

Aegina: Do you want to die, too?! You stupid woman!
Mistel: Oh, my! You say some pretty harsh things, don’t you?
Aegina: Wha… why? How could I lose to a civilian?!
Mistel: Oh, silly, what are you saying? Why, every day is a battle for a housewife!

...I love her. wwwwwwwww

Aegina: I understand… Excuse me.

Emelone: Sir swordsman, please prepare yourself.
Russell: I would hate to have to kill a woman… but I accept.

Russell: I can’t believe she’s gotten this strong…
Yggdra: Don’t look down on your opponents just because they’re female!

Yeah, you chauvinist. :|

Mistel: The grudge my grandfather has held for so many years… shall we put an end to it?
Baldus: Milady, I have no intention of continuing this pretense. Leave this war.
Mistel: My, but you’re kind. However, I’m not going to hold back, understand?

Yggdra: This is no place for a child! Go home!
Emilia: Keep looking at me like a little kid and you’re gonna get hurt!

Emilia: What a crazy princess…

Yggdra: Stop resisting!
Emilia: You just took me off-guard!

I see, so she gets this from Gulcasa. It makes lots of sense.

Emilia: What do you want with me?!
Emilia: Jeez, what’s up with this princess!

Eudy: You need my power, huh? I’ve got it…

Durant: Princess… Please be safe.

Durant wasn't doing enough damage, so I swapped him for Eudy here. c:

Luciana: Y-you… how dare you…
Yggdra: Resisting any further would be pointless! Lay down your weapon!

And then my emulator died, so I had to redo the battle, and I got this:

Luciana: What are you?!
Mistel: I already told you I’m a housewife, didn’t I? I think “who are you” is what you want to ask here, right?

Luciana: I get it… excuse me.

Emelone: Emperor, will you face us?
Gulcasa: The queen of the Undines, huh? I’ll be your opponent!

Cruz: You’re a revolutionary yourself, but you’re our natural opponent! Get ready!
Gulcasa: Hmph, you’re an idiot.

"Zakome~!" is Gulcasa's favorite insult, I swear. Also, as you may notice in the above screencaps, my card (Medusa Eye; stuns all enemies) just activated, so hilarity promptly ensued:

Gulcasa: What the—?!
Cruz: We took down a big one! Just a little longer until the revolution…!

man i'm with you heika what is this i don't.

Demise of the Battle with Bronquia (yes, it actually says “demise”)
Thanks to the great efforts of Princess Yggdra, Fantasinia’s war with its long-standing rival—the new Bronquian Empire—had finally been brought completely to an end.

From the moment the borderline city of Karona had been plundered, the kingdom had been in danger, but thanks to the remarkable efforts of the troops who had sworn their loyalty to Princess Yggdra, the fight with the Empire had been successful. However, the flames of conflict that had spread throughout the continent were only getting more intense. Until that was dealt with, true peace would not come. Yggdra’s battle only continued…

Yggdra: For the sake of the world’s peace… let’s aim for the next victory!

Gulcasa: To think I’d wind up as your prisoner…
Gulcasa: Bastards, I’ll never forget this! You’d do well to remember that!

:C /pats

Anyhow, we now have Lombardia, Roswell, and Milanor to beat up, so why don't we go do that?

Mardym: By forcing us to play our hand, you risk divine punishment!
Mardym: How dare you do this to me, one of God’s messengers!
Mardym: You’ll definitely receive the punishment of the heavens…

yeah yeah whatever shut up about god you're an atheist :C

Juvelon: Raising a hand to your elders… you’ll be punished by God for this!
Juvelon: A-at least my life…
Juvelon: Oh, thank you, God…

wait what someone is properly thankful when we don't kill them what

Roswell: I don’t believe this…!
Roswell: I won’t forget being humiliated like this…!

what are you guys, all samurai or something

Kylier: Well, there’s no helping it!

Strategy to Exterminate Milanor’s Thieves
Princess Yggdra of the Kingdom of Fantasinia decided to move out in order to get rid of the nearby menace of Milanor’s thieves.

The band of thieves led by Silver Wolf Milanor themselves were only known as chivalrous rogues, and had never actually attacked or killed civilians. However, their positive image itself was damaging, and had a large anti-government effect. Princess Yggdra, needing to protect the dignity of the ruling class, put into action her plan to subjugate them.

Yggdra: This is an important step in the direction of peace. Everyone, lend me your strength!

Kylier: Not enough guts, maybe…
Kylier: You’ll do what you want anyway!
Kylier: Fine, bye!

Flunky: We don’t wanna fight, but oh well!
Flunky: I get it. See you.

Milanor: No matter who you are, we won’t take it easy on you!

Cruz: This is for the sake of the revolution, too! You better not hate me for this!
Milanor: Revolution? I got no idea what you’re talkin’ about!

Gotta love how so far Gulcasa and Milanor are the only ones thus far that have called Cruz on being a moron.

Milanor: They got me…
Milanor: This old maid… she’s not half bad…!
Mistel: I told you, it’s very rude to go around calling people old maids! Honestly!

Milanor: To think I got caught by some princess…
Milanor: No use for me, huh… Later.

Yggdra: !! At last…


Title: Revolutionary Champion Cruz
Vitality: High
25 battles, 144 attacks, 18 kills
Never defeated
Score: 1,745,400
It is said that the figure of he who would never give in to tyrants no matter how much he suffered was burned into the eyes of many influential people…
Cruz: The revolution is finally upon us… Peace is here to stay at last!

Title: Emelone the Peerless
Vitality: High
17 battles, 58 attacks, 11 kills
Never defeated
Score: 814,100
It is said that despite the fact that she was a very ordinary woman, because her appearance was so distinguished, at least her name would always be remembered in history…
Emelone: I never wished… for such a battle…

Title: Genius Tactician Eudy
Vitality: Medium
10 battles, 42 attacks, 10 kills
Never defeated
Score: 667,300
She, who had always excelled at the use of artillery in warfare, was finally able to be called a famous officer because of the way it shocked her enemies…
Eudy: Do you understand now how important planning is?

Title: Housewife Mistel
Vitality: Medium
21 battles, 98 attacks, 10 kills
Defeated once
Score: 915,599
It is said that at the end of the war, she returned to her peaceful lifestyle, but since she had originally been sheltered, she studied housework with desperation…
Mistel: You have to look at me at least a tiny bit differently, don’t you?

Title: Divine Princess Yggdra
Vitality: N/A
25 battles, 93 attacks, 13 kills
Never defeated
Score: 1,171,500
It is said that many people, upon seeing the one who had turned earnestly to military power for the sake of the world and her country, were unable to help shedding tears…
Yggdra: We of Fantasinia have successfully united the entire world! This is where the true battle begins. Let us go!

~Arrival of the Millennium Kingdom~
After the unification of the continent, Yggdra—new sovereign of Fantasinia—wasted no time in abolishing all military force. The scars that the world had sustained from the war were large, but seeing Yggdra earnestly planning reconstruction despite her inexperienced moved the hearts of many, and in the end their decision to save everyone allowed them to take in even those who had formerly been their enemies. Finally, at the end of the reconciliation, true peace had arrived…


just as derped ...planned c:

Or, alternately, ceiling!Nessiah knows why everyone is worried about Milanor molesting the lolis. (I actually managed to get a screencap at the last second, orz.)

I unlocked Emelone at the end of this playthrough.

Ugyaaah, I'm beat. Emelone or Ortega should be next on the list, I guess... (Probably Ortega because I unlocked him earlier...)
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