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every time they update it just makes me want the same information even more

We've got an interesting voice cast lined up for the new cast members of Blaze Union:

Garlott: Toriumi Kousuke
Shiskia: Horie Yui
Jenon: Kawada Shinji
Medyuute: Tanaka Rie
Soltier: Katou Masayuki
Lapis: Chihara Minori

I will be saaad if they recast the old characters though.

Other points of interest included in the update show that despite how similar Gulcasa and Garlott look, they have slightly different manners of speech--Garlott is a bit less formal, his language is also less... commanding, I want to say? And he drops ぜ an awful lot, which is a tic Gulcasa never uses. Gulcasa himself overuses ぞ.


Where is Gulcasa, then?

......You'll give us more information soon, right Sting? Right? ;~;
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