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Ortega Unison (part 1)

This started out long and frustrating, but good things happened at the end of it, and so I feel justified in calling my Ortega playthrough a big victory in the end! Anyone want to hear about it?

Ortega’s Brigands
Leader: Brigand King Ortega
Generals: 2 (Ortega, Inzaghi)
Handicap: 5
A group of wild thieves based in the Lenessey region, under the command of Brigand King Ortega.

Ortega: I ain’t losin’ to a buncha kids! Let’s show ‘em what we got!

~Ortega’s Brigands~
Ortega, leader of the mountain brigands who took pride in their physical power, one day found himself wanting to see how far that strength could take him in the troubled world, and embarked on a reckless battle to go wherever he could, taking his subordinates along with him. His people, who had grown used to wandering after losing their own lands, rose to their leader’s call—and plunged into the world of warring leaders…

Ortega: This is how a man fights!

As you may already be guessing, beyond Ortega's manry exterior and the grabby hands he makes at Roswell and Rosary, he is a massive puddle of derp. It's kind of cute, in an odd way.

I went and took out Roswell and Rosary's skeleton and golem first, and from there on went to beat up Cruz.

Cruz: To think you guys would come here especially for us!

Ortega: So? Wanna come enjoy life with us?
Cruz: What if… I refused?

Cruz, you should just be happy you're not getting ignored, so shut up. o/

Then I went to go beat up Mizer and Pamela. I spent most of this playthrough looking for Nessiah, and I'd never checked in Lost Aries, so I went, go figure. I'll check it out before I go beat up anybody else.

Beatdown! The United Woodland Forces
The United Woodland Forces frequenting the nearby forest. Finding their existence to be shameful, Ortega decided to give them a beatdown.

Brigand King Ortega, finding those who repaid his men with harm whenever they ventured into the forest to be an eyesore, gathered his troops and opened the curtain on his battle with the United Woodland Forces.

With the element of surprise and the expectations of his subordinates, Ortega prepared his movements and trained his underlings, and thus set the stage… In the end, what would the consequences be…?

Ortega: I’ve just about had it here…

I must say, I do love how these guys are very much "lol we are flying by the seat of our pants /o/" about everything. They'd fall apart without me here!

Ortega: Hey, kid! Get outta here if you don’t wanna die!
Mizer: Am I gonna get any money for this one?

Mizer: Hey, hey, knock it off already!

Not pictured is me adding Mizer to my team. Apparently Ortega's dislike for these guys isn't mutual in any way?

The United Woodland Forces Pulverized
Ortega’s Brigands were able to crush the eyesore of the United Woodland Forces at last.

The opponent they had chosen to test themselves with had been a moderate challenge, so with the United Woodland Forces destroyed, Brigand King Ortega was energized, and decided to bring his troops along in an attack on other domains… Is there anyone who can get in Ortega’s way now…?

Ortega: Ho-ho! That settles those damn nuisances!

Well, that was easy.

Ortega: Hey you, we’ve got a spot open. Wanna be one of my subordinates?

Pamela: You’re letting me join your team, right?


Elena: Let’s compete!

Elena: No way…

Elena: I… under…stand…


Leon: Heheh, show me a good time!

Leon: What do you mean, I lost…?!

but I thought you wanted--oh whatever man

Leon: Don’t fuck with me!

Leon: Heheh, you sure you won’t regret it?

Went back down to beat Roswell because... because. (Well, in my defense, I was trying to build up enough turf to recruit something other than this crop of derp.)

Roswell: So you’ve come, after all… Today we’ll settle this!

An uneventful battle followed. Roswell and Rosary really don't like Ortega. But hey, he wants to molest them, so what did I expect? Silly me. |D Pity, I wanted to recruit Rosary and unlock her...

Durant: I will not allow you past here!

Durant: You, who malign those with no wrongs to their name…! I shall not allow you through here!
Ortega: Even we gotta eat! Let’s go!

oh wow mr. knight-san is angryyy |D

durant: >C
ortega: >T

Durant: This man… is shockingly strong…!
Ortega: I’ll never lose in front of my guys!

durant: D8
ortega: 8D

these guys crack me up


Durant: Kh, how shameful…

Yggdra: Come near me, and I’ll kill you!

she said it again wwwwwwww

Elena: This is my duty, too…
Yggdra: No matter who the opponent may be, I’ll protect this place!

Elena: Did I get her?!
Yggdra: This can’t be…


Ortega’s Bandits’ Territory Expansion!
At the end of the fierce fighting, Ortega’s Brigands had come to control a vast domain.

With such a large territory under his control, Brigand King Ortega had become known throughout the continental world as that of one who had grown strong.

However, because the surrounding countries could no longer just ignore him, Ortega continued with the preparations for the next battle, in order to prove that power…

Ortega: Of course we can do it! Let’s keep up the fight!

Yggdra: I will neither run nor hide.
Yggdra: We probably won’t meet again.

Rosary: Just like I hoped! Let’s go ahead and settle this!

I did want to try to get Rosary, but I desperately needed to separate the countries--everyone was being ridiculous and conquering each other back and forth, so I had to plow through her to get Ishiene. At this point I was still combing every area for signs of Nessiah's event trigger, so it was really important that I could reach them all.

After beating Rosary, then came Ishiene. I nearly died seeing this:

Pamela: Oh, Ms. Undi-ine! How ‘bout becomin’ Pamela’s?
Ishiene: You must be joking. I could never entrust my body to humans!
*Pamela is using an overexaggerated Kansai accent here. Wasn't sure how to preserve it.

Knowing how they mean this exchange does nothing about how it sounds. The GL goggles, you don't even need them...

Ishiene: Dammit…! She’s stronger than she looks…
Pamela: It’s okay! It won’t hurt, so settle down and surrender already~

Pamela, you're batshit insane. Everyone hide your Undines. She's going to rape them. FOR SCIENCE.

Pamela: These Undines are so lively…

Ishiene: So you’re letting me escape… I can’t thank you for this, you realize.

With this done with, I went ahead and marched on Bronquia. Aside from the Empire, the only countries still standing at this point are Embellia, Norn, and Lombardia (which ate the Temple Knights and Dort's bandits long ago).

Russell: Let’s settle this!

Inzaghi: This is my job, too. Get ready!
Russell: You think you can withstand my blade?

the literal translation of russell's line is so suggestive i can't even. |D brb dead laughing.

No need to worry, Russell! Your sword may be awfully big, but Inzaghi makes a living out of being other guys' bitch. Just prepare properly, and it will be fine! (Aside from the fact that Flone will kill you.)

Russell: Dammit…
Inzaghi: What’s wrong? The revered name of the Astral Fencer’s crying!

It's almost comforting to realize that despite everyone else being bizarrely cute, Inzaghi is still a total dick.

Aegina: Hmph, come if you’re coming!

aegina where'd all that dere you had in the dramas go

Aegina: You… so you’ve turned your weapon on me? Well, it won’t get to me!
Elena: This is my duty, too…

Elena: Did I get her?!
Aegina: Wh-why?! How could I lose to an Assassin?

Zilva: Then, let us settle it!

Zilva: Kh… I understand.

Zilva's way stronger than Elena, so I swapped them.

Elena: Understood.

What follows is pretty much the clip show of my adventures through Bronquia, seeing as everyone has different lines because Ortega doesn't have hate modifiers like Milanor and Yggdra did.

Baldus: I shall not let you advance!
Baldus: I thank you.

Canaan: We’ll take you on!

Emilia: I’ll turn this around!

Monica: If you want our land, you gotta go through us first!

Eudy: Hehe, let’s go!

Luciana: Then, come!

This seems like a good stopping point, since Gulcasa is where stuff started happening and the keysmashing that followed deserves a post when I'm fresh. Please join us again for the latter half of Ortega's adventures, in which there is much rejoicing!
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