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Ortega Unison (part 2)

Two posts in one day, even! o/ Well, this here is all she wrote for Ortega's route. I got some good things here and really enjoyed myself. Thanks, Ortega! www

We left off here, just when I was about to attack Gulcasa! Let's see how that went, shall we~? c:

Gulcasa: Right when I wanted an opponent, too!

...man stop being moe will you ;~;

Zilva: Your Majesty… prepare yourself…!
Gulcasa: I never thought I’d have to face you as my enemy… it’s too bad, but there’s no helping it!

it's almost as if i turn my back on this guy for five seconds and he takes ten levels in cute every time wwwww

I figured out where Medusa Eye was on my cards list much earlier in the game, so I saved it specifically for this battle. 8| And then I took Gulcasa out in like the first Unison we did against him. ;w; i am sorry heika

Once I'd defeated Gulcasa, I planned to kill his peon and then comb the area as usual when all of a sudden a little question mark appeared in the bottom corner of the screen.


Pamela: We found something!


Land is rising to the surface…?

dkjsaf;l AHHHHHHH

Nessiah: …Exactly who has decided to interfere with my nice sleep?


a-a wild moeblob appears...!

jkfsdljfskfsdkhfkfdkhdfsksdf;; no amount of keysmashing can possibly--

Inzaghi: Thanks for taking care of me! See ya!

...Wait, he is capable of being nice?! whattt

Anyhow, as you may guess from the above screenshot, I decided "what the hell" and decided to try to ask Gulcasa to join me. I wasn't expecting much since beforehand, he wouldn't give me the time of day unless I had over 30 conquered territories, but he joined up obediently. Apparently Gulcasa has a huge hate modifier for his willingness to behave when you're playing as Yggdra and Milanor. |D

Right after this, I tried Nessiah, but he turned me down, so I shrugged and went to conquer everybody through Gordon first. o/

Dort: Hey, bitch! What do you think you’re doing?!
Zilva: Prepare yourself!

you sir need to learn some manners. /cracks whip

Dort: Y-you…!
Zilva: You’re too lazy…

B) bitchass got serrrved

Since I had Dort half-unlocked, I had him join me:

Dort: As long as you ignore my family job, I’ll help you…

And then he was really grumpy for the rest of the game, which made me sad since I know that Dort can be hilarious when he's being silly. |D

Anyhow, no new screencaps up through Gordon, so let's see what I'm sure everyone wants to. 8D

Nessiah: Such pitiful humans… and overflowing with emotion, too…

When I first saw Nessiah's battle map, I was very what what whattt you cannot be serious D: as you're fighting him between the Bronquian shore and the lip of Ancardia. Your battlefield is about 80% water, and Nessiah's no-name-sans are mostly comprised of Undines, Griffon Riders, and Assassins. 8|

Then I realized that the catapult right next to your entry point is perfectly poised to hit Nessiah for three damage every few seconds. And that you can turn the ballista in front of him around for another three damage every few seconds, and... yeah, he's pathetically easy to defeat as long as he doesn't sic too many Undines on you.

From the first time I fought, in which Zilva fought him and beat him:

Nessiah: Oh, it’s the young lady whose only skill was assassination… So you’re still alive. *giggle*
Zilva: Leave the bluffing aside… Nessiah…!

Okay, so clearly the Imperial Army knows who Nessiah is, which settles the plot hole that would be caused by him being completely uninvolved with Bronquia in Unison continuity (as we can tell from the Blaze Union OP that he had at least a little to do with the revolution). It does, however, beg the question of why he's not still with them. My personal guess is that he probably died during the attack on Karona, since he wouldn't leave the Revelation (which is his event item) just lying god knows where and he's really mad at being woken up.

But we'll have to wait until Nessiah's route to see if that's confirmed... his prologue doesn't mention it at all.

Nessiah: I never did like you…
Zilva: Your negligence is fatal…

--jesus nessiah you're such a brat. fffff sore loser much?

Also lmao, shot down by Zilva. (She's been doing this a lot in this route, wwww)

Anyway, I did this way back after I beat Gulcasa, and Nessiah turned me down, so I came back and did it again a bit later. This time I fought him with Gulcasa leading, and Gulcasa beat him too.

I love Sting so fucking much for this:

Nessiah: Oh, my… what a pleasant surprise to see you’ve survived, Blazing Emperor! *giggle*
Gulcasa: Somehow it feels like I should say the same to you!

I checked with carnage_falcon to make sure it wasn't just my pairing bias that made me find this shippy. He said that no, he's getting the ship tease loud and clear too. |D

Oh man Gulcasa's just. So mad at him here. |D He calls everything he's mad at/looking down on "kisama"... Well, I think I'd be a little pissed too.

Nessiah: As expected of the Blazing Emperor…

www Nessiah is so FFFFFFF when you beat him with anyone else, and if you do it with Gulcasa, you get this--


Nessiah: I always thought you were a dangerous one, but… for it to come to this…
Gulcasa: I know this isn’t your limit, Nessiah…

Gulcasa I love you I love you wwwww I-I love that little B/ nessiah why are you holding back, he did that with Luciana too and only ever says that after he wins against people he cares about a-and, a-and Nessiah's D: face wwwwwwwww oh my god screamingggggg


Nessiah: Please, do whatever you like with me…

I've said it before, but this is a very dangerous line to go throwing around when you're this cute D:

Nessiah: There’s no choice, is there? Let’s cooperate.


Zilva: …Excuse me.

Thanks for all the help and the one-liners, Zilva! ;w;/ Let's do it again sometime!

Nessiah: I’ll take it with thanks. *giggle*

I know not where I got this sword from, but Nessiah's VIT was at one and he really seems to like it, so \o/. Nessiah is interested in nothing except books and magic swords, though he'll take Medallions just like everybody.

Anyhow, I decided to beat Mardym and Juvelon, then conquer Embellia and then Milly's party. Prepare for Nessiah-and-Gulcasa-tag-team screencap heaven. 8D I love this gaaaaaaame

Also, Nessiah Duel Events with just about every character, just like Akihito said! Oh my god. Oh my god the trolling! (Though some people give Nessiah as bad as they get...)

Nessiah: Understood. Leave it to me…

Nessiah doesn't have a sideways walking animation, so it pretty much looks like he's floating. I shouldn't find it as hilarious as I do... |D

Mardym: Accursed master of heretics! Learn the wrath of God!
Nessiah: Are you telling me there are more of these fools babbling about gods?

This is supposed to be a follow-up to Nessiah's Duel Event with Gordon, which I read about on Vermillion. Nessiah loses his temper pretty badly against priests, www. He called Gordon insensitive, djfskldksjfal;.

Mardym: Those who malign the name of God will be punished…!
Nessiah: *giggle* You’re stubborn about this too, aren’t you?


Nessiah: Their conceit… has been well destroyed, wouldn’t you say?

Nessiah: If we can use them, let’s use them as much as we can…

i am in heavennn oh my god i love this game ;A;

Juvelon: I-it’s a devil! G-go away! Don’t come over here! Please go away!
Nessiah: I’m… not a devil? Being mistaken for one is a little troubling… Hmhm.

d-dying oh god

Juvelon: S-save me! I don’t know anything!
Nessiah: That’s the case, isn’t it? *giggle* Those who know nothing have their uses, too…

H-he's just so pleased with himself here. S-SO CUTE I CAN'T. HNNNNNNGGGGGG. mottekaecchauuuu~

That was it for the Meriants, so I went to go fight Nietzsche next!

Gulcasa: I have no business with you weaklings! Get out of here!
Nietzsche: You look a little bit scary, but Nietzsche won’t lose!

oh my god oh my god oh my goddd


just called gulcasa

a "scary-looking onii-chan"


i could die from the amount of adorable here

i could seriously dieee

Nietzsche: It hurts, it hurts! It really hurts!
Nessiah: There’s no need to worry. I’ll give you peace soon…


As much as I completely adore Nessiah, he can still be a real jerk when he wants to be. Oh god context is the only thing saving him here. D8

Nessiah: I think she did rather well. *giggle*

you're not helping your case here, honey :C

Emelone: You will never be satisfied if you merely perpetuate this chaos… Do you still intend to continue these petty manipulations?
Nessiah: *giggle* “Petty manipulations”? You say some interesting things…!

...does this technically count as Emelone trolling Nessiah?

Gulcasa: Hmph, you seem different from those other weaklings…
Emelone: I can no longer stand idly by and observe your audacity… I will not allow you through here!

All this Gulcasa :| SOMEBODY GIVE ME A REAL FIGHT-ing reminds me of an old comic of Akihito's where Gulcasa chopped Russell once and he died, and Gulcasa was just all "ジャマ。 :|". I can't find it now, but...

Dort: Ho, the queen of the Undines! This one looks like she’ll sell pretty good!
Emelone: I will make you regret your treatment of us!

dort you're a terrible person :x

Emelone: Splendid…, Blazing Emperor…
Gulcasa: That’s all the power you have? What a shame.

you are so cute dammit gulcasa why is this behavior adorable in you when it makes me want to kill every male character in every shonen manga ever

Three left and then World Is Mine! /SHOT

Kylier: We’re not gonna lose!

Gulcasa: You’re in a hurry to die too, huh? Then I won’t go easy on you!
Kylier: You think I’ll just lay down and let you walk all over me? C’mon, Al!

Kylier: So you’ve come, huh? We’re not letting you through here, you villain!
Nessiah: *giggle* Going around calling people villains is impolite, young lady…

man these guys really really hate him 8|a

I have a feeling I'm going to have my work cut out for me getting the other four mains in Nessiah's party during his route... |D

Pamela: Meanie! Get down here and fight on the ground!
Kylier: Why don’t you just come up here?!

i love you pamela /;w;/

Gulcasa: What, where’d all that spunk from earlier go?
Kylier: Al! Hang in there…


Kylier: …Looks like we’re screwed.
Kylier: Then let me go home.

Flunky: I’ll never lose to you!

Guy has no common sense, but at least he has balls.

Flunky: For the world, for the people, and for me… I’m not lettin’ you through!
Nessiah: *giggle* You’re going to stop me? Hmhmhm, hahahaha!

Aside from the trolling verging on 8| again... whoa. This is the only instance aside from that one screen of Akihito's (where Nessiah kills Gulcasa and promptly loses it) where I have ever seen Nessiah laugh instead of giggling.

Flunky: Uwaah, it really is no good~!
Nessiah: At least I can tell you… you did well to try. *giggle*

Milanor: Alright, let’s settle it!

Milanor: Looks like you’re the root of all evils here, huh? C’mon! I’ll beat the crap outta you!
Nessiah: *giggle* You’ll ‘beat me up’? That’s funny; why don’t you try it?

Milanor: Ugh… it’s no good?!
Gulcasa: …You… you’re not the average small fry, huh?

Milanor: Ah, izzat so. Guess we’ll never meet again, huh.

Ortega: !! Whoa?!


Title: Bigshot Magician Pamela
Vitality: High
29 battles, 57 attacks, 2 kills
Defeated once
Score: 827,199
It is said that because she who was ridiculed for her flighty appearance was actually extremely talented, in a situation no one had expected, she was able to become a huge success, and was finally feared as a dark horse…
Pamela: Super no waaaay!

Title: Mad Warrior of Purgatory Gulcasa
Vitality: High
12 battles, 87 attacks, 14 kills
Never defeated
Score: 1,142,600
It is said that the superhuman power he displayed on the battlefield caused him to be thought of by many as the reincarnation of one of the mad warriors of old…
Gulcasa: Kh… Great power, huh…

^Guess who I was spamming like crazy. 8D Just wait 'til I'm actually playing as him, oh man. aaaaa i love this gaaaaaaame

Title: Bull’s-Eye Dort
Vitality: High
10 battles, 38 attacks, 4 kills
Defeated once
Score: 376,099
It is said that his aimless battles caused both his enemies and allies to fear him on the battlefield as a man of reckless melees…
Dort: Even in the best case, my reign was short-lived…

Title: Famed Prophet Nessiah
Vitality: High
7 battles, 55 attacks, 7 kills
Never defeated
Score: 538,300
It is said that the fact that his prophecies often came true caused many to gather to him, but also made him feared by the influential…
Nessiah: It seems as though I’m never going to be able to predict the whims of this world…

^I love how he's just "...I don't even." at all this. wwwww guys why are you all whining so much we just took over the world

Title: Ruffian King Ortega
Vitality: N/A
34 battles, 93 attacks, 16 kills
Never defeated
Score: 1,473,000
It is said that watching the way he never thought about advantage or disadvantage but merely stood up to fight, his subordinates were always watching over him excitedly…
Ortega: Y-you guys! I really did it! Now we can spend our whole lives doin’ whatever we want! It’s like a dream! Heheh!

~In Search of Freedom~
The chaos came to the end and the world was united at the hands of audacious marauders, but from the beginning, the freedom-loving mountain brigands had had no interest in controlling the world; abandoning their lands and fame, it is said that they carried only the treasure they had found and returned to their native Lenessey to resume their busy lives with their comrades…

And thus concludes the tale of an oddly cute, rather childish ossan and his motley band of crazies! o/

I was able to unlock Nessiah and Dort during this route, and I got Gulcasa-heika again! Thank you, Ortega! ;w;/ I'm always going to like him because of this.

Emelone is next, then Nessiah and then Dort. I have half the cast unlocked, and am aiming for the rest now! \o/
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