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Emelone Unison (part 1)

Emelone only had 90 caps as compared to everybody else's 150-250, so this shouldn't take as long as the others!

I may as well actually provide the links to the past LPs so that they don't wind up completely buried in backlog (especially for those who are actually on my flist, as I tend to post a lot).

milanor unison

yggdra unison

ortega unison

Embellian Army
Leader: Queen Emelone
Generals: 3 (Emelone, Ishiene, Nietzsche)
Handicap: 2
An ancient land where Undines live which encompasses five great lakes. This country is ruled by their queen.

Emelone: Let us begin our battle!

~Sovereignty of Embellia~
At the pure waterside of the known world, the Undines who lived quietly and denounced conflict looked upon the ever-more-serious battles between humans with pain in their hearts. In the beginning, the people of the land and those of the water had lived in harmony. So for humans to be rushing into this folly, there had to be some kind of reason… Thinking that, Queen Emelone of the Undines set out daringly into the middle of the conflict in order to find that reason, and sever the root of the chaos…

When you play as Emelone, there are three places that you can attack to start out: Either house of Verlaine, or Milanor. It's possible to have sword-using no-name-sans, but no-name-sans tend to be really weak and that's not very good when you're attacking axe country. So I decided to conquer all I could of Verlaine instead, and headed north from there.

~Battle with the House of Branthèse~
Where did the humans’ desires stem from…? Searching for that answer, Queen Emelone turned towards the house of Branthèse.

Verlaine Hills, which was very close to Embellia, had always had two ruling bodies—the White Rose, or Esmeralda, family; and the Black Rose, or Branthèse, family. Emelone chose the house of Branthèse as her first target, and her army began to move out!

Emelone: We’ll ask about the condition of the continental world here.

One of these already? My oh my.

Emelone: For the sake of the people we hold dear…

Emelone: We shall secure the future of our race.

Emelone: I will not take your life. Please go wherever you like.

Emelone: If you intend to impede us… you’re prepared, right?
Roswell: Hmph… No matter what, we have no intention of retreating from here!

Dissolution of the House of Branthèse

Embellia invaded the Branthèse House’s land, and though Queen Emelone’s struggles, Roswell was calmed down.

It was quite a struggle to face down Roswell’s troops, who were skilled at magic, but Emelone was able to seize victory by margin of experience.

However, as the Queen was unable to discover the answers that she sought, she made to move forth her armies with renewed determination…

Emelone: How far must we go before we’re able to find the answer…?

well that was easy

Roswell: Hmph… you’re a hundred years too early!

suddenly he is all tsun and this is dorky and cute

Emelone: Until we have attained our victory… Come, let us go forth!

Load screen.

From here, I moved on Ortega, then Fantasinia, and then because I didn't have enough land yet, I defeated Milanor before adding Rosary to my team. (Since, you know, I was one condition away from unlocking her.)

Ortega: Awright, let’s have some fun!

Ortega: Heh, so you’re lettin’ me go? Thanks, thanks…

Emelone: Sir knight, are you prepared?
Durant: I shall accept your challenge for the pride of the knights!

Emelone: Princess Yggdra… you’re prepared, right?
Yggdra: Queen Emelone… I never wanted to fight you…!

Yggdra: Th-they got me…

Ishiene: I’ll never show mercy to those in my way!
Yggdra: N-no way…

Jeez, Ishiene. >/ as ever, I see.

Kylier: I’ll be your opponent!

When playing as Yggdra, Milly and company have like modifiers. With Ortega, they have hate modifiers. Emelone is the first protagonist I've played where Milanor's recruit basis is standard...

~Battle with Milanor’s Thieves~

The thieves who ruled their land through fear. Unable to leave them alone and stop fearing for her back, Queen Emelone came to a decision.

In order to protect her country from attacks from the rear, Queen Emelone decided to defeat the band of thieves following Silver Wolf Milanor in a preemptive strike, and began her military advance.

Still wondering where the desires of humans stemmed from, Emelone wondered if she could find the answer by defeating the thieves…

Emelone: We have to protect the rear front…

insert butt jokes here. No, really, he does seem to enjoy them quite a bit. He sure seems to like Nessiah's down at Apocrypha anyway. Ho ho ho.

Yggdra: I have nothing against you, but… Get ready!
Kylier: Don’t think I’ll go easy on you just ‘cause you’re a princess!

Yeah, get out, you rich and prissy hussy! When did we switch sides, again?

Kylier: Even though you’re the only one I never wanted to lose to…

Kylier: Dammit… I messed up a little…
Yggdra: If you look down on your opponents, of course you’ll get hurt, right?

Emelone: I’m sparing you. Please leave this place quickly.

Flunky: We’ll beat you up!

Oh, and it looks like it's time for one of these now:

The Sovereignty’s Territory Expands!

At the end of the fierce fighting, the Sovereignty of Embellia had come to control a vast domain.

With such a large territory under her control, Queen Emelone had become known throughout the continental world as one who had grown mighty. However, because the surrounding countries could no longer just ignore her, Emelone continued with the preparations for the next battle, in order to prove that power…

Emelone: Until we find the answer… we have to keep moving forward…

Oh, by the way. Up until now, I've refrained from giving those what-else-is-going-on-in-the-rest-of-the-world reports, but this just.

A couple of fights ago, Nessiah finally started to move out. I was honestly waiting for Gulcasa to start moving out and snap up his territory seeing as Nessiah only has the one, but instead, Nessiah beat Emilia. The next fight, she beat Canaan. I viewed this with raised eyebrows and reset a few times to see if I could get the other countries to do something, but nope. Emilia invades Canaan's territory! Emilia wins! Canaan is sad. Every time.

This turn, Canaan fought Baldus.

Flying in the face of all things logical, Canaan won.


Progressing with the story now, let's beat up Milanor and then grab Rosary. o/

Milanor: Come an’ get it!

Yggdra: I have nothing against you, but… get ready!
Milanor: You think you can beat me? That’s pretty funny, let’s go!

Milanor: We lost this one big…

Milanor: She got me…
Yggdra: You won’t go anywhere with an attitude like that!

Dissolution of Milanor’s Thieves

Under Queen Emelone’s command, the Sovereignty of Embellia crushed Milanor’s Thieves magnificently.

Milanor was known as the King of Thieves, and he was a dangerous opponent, but through the strength of Emelone’s leadership, the band of thieves was brought to its knees… However, although she had hoped to discover the reason humans were fighting in this battle, it was for naught, and Emelone prepared to move forth again, searching for the root of the conflict…

Emelone: Our answer wasn’t here, either…

Ishiene: You, woman! Don’t get in our way!
Rosary: I’m not leaving here, got it? Sorry, but please get the hell off my land.

CHOUDAI CHOUDAI CHOUDAI CHOUDAI CHOUDAI. You sure do like to say that, don't you, Rosary? 8| Also, I think Ishiene may be tied with Inzaghi for nastiest cast member right now... I mean, crap, Nessiah's a troll, but at least he's cute about it.

Ishiene: Where’d all your spirit go, woman?
Rosary: I just made some miscalculations…!

they all say that. ・3・

Rosary: Oh, what the hell, I have no choice… it’s fine if I help you, right?

tsundere much there rosary

Okay, it is time to go get dinner and I have some art to work on, but after that, why don't we pick up with the second half of Emelone's grand adventures~?
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