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Emelone Unison, part 2

This is the rest of it, beginning with what few cutscenes and such from Bronquia that were new!

Okay, do keep in mind however that Nessiah pretty much owns Bronquia right now. 8| They still didn't fight back in the slightest. I continued to reset to see what would happen, but nope. Nessiah marches on! Bronquia just kind of stands there and takes it!

So I'm going through Bronquian territory, but this is actually Nessiah's territory, please remember.

Zilva: I failed…?!
Ishiene: Whatever you try, it’s useless!

Ishiene: Little girl! If you want to keep your life, you’d better get out of the way!
Monica: No way! We have things we can’t give up, too!

...Okay, Ishiene, you're getting to be more than just an ass here.

Monica: Why…? Why…?!

Monica: Stronger… I have to be stronger…
Ishiene: It’s your own just desserts… you humans asked for it!

man ishiene stop being such a dick B(

Also, possible point of interest--Monica's line here, "chikara ga... motto tsuyoi chikara ga hoshii...", is also something that Gulcasa and Garlott say a lot.

Monica: If you’re going that far… I guess there’s no helping it.

i like monica so sue me

Yggdra: Then, excuse me.

Technically Monica is Nietzsche's replacement, but idek.

Monica: Looks like it’s my turn.

Note where we are. I'm a jerk. Also, Monica switches to "watashi" here when she tends to speak less formally everywhere else.

Monica: Canaan, surrender! I don’t wanna have to fight you!
Canaan: Same here! Throw away your weapons! There’s no reason we should fight!

Feral is a terrible person, part I don't even know what.

Canaan: Monica… You’ve gotten stronger…

Canaan: Monica… It’s no good, I can’t fight you…
Monica: Come on, Canaan! Don’t resist any more!

I detect some differences between that loss quote and that Duel Event. 8|a C'mon, Canaan, give her some credit.

Monica: I can’t afford to lose, you know?

Monica: I brought him…

This picture, I think, needs no words. 8|

Out of the entire Imperial Army, Gulcasa was the only one who would fight back against Nessiah at all (I reset a couple of times to see). But up until this point, I couldn't even get other armies to try conquering each other in between Nessiah's troops systematically eating away at Gulcasa's land. Oh, wtf you guys.

(You see, what's actually happening here? We see fighting because it's the only way the game can explain it, but Nessiah isn't fighting the Imperial Army. He's going up, talking to them, and asking for their help, and they're just instantly volunteering to join up with him. Only reasonable explanation for this barrel of wtfery.)

Monica vs. Emilia:

Monica: Let’s not hold back!

She only has this line against fellow Imperial commanders. Anyone else, and she usually goes "I'm not afraid of you!" or something like that.

Emilia: I don’t care, but… I’m not just gonna do whatever you say!

Nietzsche: So Nietzsche’s no good…


For sake of ease, I just attacked Nessiah here. He owned most of what was left of the map, so... /le shrug

I did wind up wishing I'd at least attacked a few more territories first, since gaining all that land all at once made me miss getting better titles for a few characters by just a few thousand points, but...

Nessiah: What’s wrong? Little sister, are you coming or aren’t you?
Emilia: I… I won’t hold back!


He called her "imouto-kun".

/hides face, screams forever

Ishiene: Get out of here, creepy bastard!
Nessiah: *giggle* An Undine…? Come on, then…


Nessiah: I dismissed you for being so young…
Emilia: I can fight at least a little, you know!

The way they talk here seems to imply that they used to get along fairly well when Nessiah was part of the Imperial Army. (Their cutscene in Nessiah's route is pretty different, but, uh. Nessiah's route mostly consists of everyone around him hating on him as viciously as possible, so...)

Nessiah: Is that so? Then I’ll take my leave…

Yeah, you're cute, so we'll leave you alone for a while.

Pamela: Oooh! How could you turn your blades on the great Pamela?!

Monica: I brought the prisoner, but what are we going to do?

Pamela: Thank you~

Not pictured is Pamela going "forgive meeeeeeeee ;A;" when you haul her in. Oh lmao Pamela.

Emilia: If you get in my way, I’m not gonna show any mercy!
Mardym: Sinful maiden! Thy soul will face judgment here!

Monica doesn't seem to have any Duel Events with the clergy, which is kind of weird seeing as she's supposed to be religious.

Mardym: B-bastards… Aren’t you afraid of divine punishment?!
Emilia: Mister, do you even believe in God?

Emilia's so cute. ;w; (if not for her relatively low VIT and small impact circle, she'd be gameshattering, too!)

And nobody had Duel Events with Juvelon, hence:

Emelone: !! Finally, this time has come…

Title: Powerful Lady Warrior Ishiene
Vitality: Medium
23 battles, 64 attacks, 16 kills
Never defeated
Score: 1,020,600
Her single-minded will to see anything through to the end no matter what hardships she faced was finally able to win her everyone’s trust…
Ishiene: Ishiene, captain of the Royal Guard, has hereby completed her mission!

Title: Runaway Rosary
Vitality: Medium
13 battles, 31 attacks, 1 kill
Never defeated
Score: 311,200
As she always went off rebelliously to do as she pleased, it seems she was adored by those with similar attitudes as their gang leader…
Rosary: I cooperated with you, so it’s only natural.


Title: Ill-Fated Village Girl Monica
Vitality: Medium
9 battles, 24 attacks, 2 kills
Never defeated
Score: 278,900
It is said that the people wept to see such a lovely girl walk the unhappy path of the soldier without concern for her own life…
Monica: Phew, that wasn’t too bad!


Title: Bratty Princess Emilia
Vitality: Medium
7 battles, 25 attacks, 5 kills
Never defeated
Score: 449,300
She, who wouldn’t even take to the battlefield when the mood didn’t suit her, was given dishonorable nicknames due to her whimsy…
Emilia: Well, duh, it’s ‘cause I helped out!

And then Gulcasa killed everyone who had ever maligned his precious baby sister (along with the fools accusing him of being a siscon), and the Imperial Army lived happily ever after.

(but come on now, that's not nice. also agh i was so close to getting something better ;x;)

Title: Queen in Name Only Emelone
Vitality: N/A
23 battles, 36 attacks, 0 kills
Never defeated
Score: 499,400
Because she had taken her duties as queen lightly, her own misunderstandings created a number of problems for her…
Emelone: Our wish has now been granted! May our future be blessed with glory and happiness…

Th-that's not very nice either, game. (just look! 600 points short! aaaaaaaaaa ffffffuuuuu (ノ`Д´)ノ〃┻━┻ )

~The Arrival of Eternal Peace~
Thanks to Queen Emelone’s abilities, charisma, and loving heart, the curtain was quietly drawn on the warring world. Despite putting up a strong front against their sometime invaders, the conflict-hating people of the water had always wanted to be able to resume their coexistence with humans; finally able to clear away the mutual misunderstandings, it is said that a gentle and quiet era of peace in which humans and Undines could live side by side had finally begun…

Yay, that's a fourth route completed! We had fun, I got all ladies, NOBODY COMPLAINED FOR ONCE, and the game slapped my wrist because I took a shortcut. ;w; Nessiah is next! Prepare for a million screencaps in that one. All those Duel Events... ;;;;;
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