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It's very, very possible that Gulcasa is Garlott and has changed his name.

Emilia is here, but under the name "Emi", and she's searching for her older brother, who she was separated from. She's also very obviously younger than in the main game--Blaze Union could be up to four or five years before Yggdra Union.

The twins are also up. But they're now voiced by Nakahara Mai. U-uh, what? D:

Er, younger = voices will change later, I get it, but... wat



Awwwww, Nessiah :'D

Emi: "Hey, Captain-oniichan. Is it okay if I come with?" (CV: Nonaka Ai)

A girl searching for the brother she was separated from. After hearing a certain person's prophecy that "If you join that army, you can meet your brother", she joins Gram Blaze.
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