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Nessiah Unison, part 1

I finally got off my behind and started translating more of Nessiah's route, so here, please enjoy the first part! There are assloads of screencaps here, because he's really chatty--so this may wind up in three parts (maybe).

Seeing as he's one of my favorite characters, I had an absolute ball playing as Nessiah. I unlocked three more routes during his, people got trolled, and then I wound up really mad at Sting over his ending. I also vastly outdid myself as far as top scores and such go.

So yeah, I'm quite proud of this playthrough. Let's get to it, shall we? *giggle**giggle*

Nessiah’s Forces
Leader: Nessiah the Fallen
Generals: 1
Handicap: 5
A group led by the fallen angel Nessiah, seeking revenge on the gods.

Nessiah: Then, let us begin… the story of my revenge…

There are a few differences with the eleven other routes when you play as Nessiah. First of all, Nessiah's nameless units are all Astarte, meaning that they're all as strong as generals. Second, you need this, because everyone either hates him or is mad at him--recruiting is really hard.

~Nessiah’s Forces~
Long, long ago, driven from the heavens and sealed as divine punishment, there was a lone fallen angel…

But despite the amount of time—no, the eternity—that had passed since, his hatred for the gods had not diminished in the slightest; rather, it had only grown stronger.

When at last he became able to move his body again, he alighted upon the surface world under the new name Nessiah, and in order to exact revenge upon the gods, he first moved to gain control of this world…

Okay, this is interesting. This Nessiah is the real Nessiah--meaning it's his body, not his soul transmigrated into a temporary body. (Though there's still no mention of how he parted with the Imperial Army.)

Nessiah: Well then… Which card shall we choose, hmm?

Enacting the Plan to Eliminate Bronquia
In order to realize his desire, Nessiah moved out to remove the obstacle of the new Bronquian Empire.

The demonic dragon’s power held by Emperor Gulcasa was one of the elements standing in the way of Nessiah’s dream. In order to remove it, Nessiah gathered his subordinates and their forces and turned towards Bronquia. The Empire was a mighty foe, but as long as it remained, his desire would remain unfulfilled. Trusting in his strength and omniscience, Nessiah began his invasion into the heart of Imperial territory…!

Nessiah: Allow me to be honest with you. You’re in my way…

...i swear, this kid would not be half as lovable if he wasn't so cute about his trolling.

Anyhow, you have no choice but to attack Bronquia first--you have to defeat Emilia to get onto the continent at all. (She comes to attack you on Ancardia; you don't fight her in Drominos.)

Nessiah: Foolish souls… Let us move out!

For this playthrough, I decided that I really wanted to unlock Roswell and Gulcasa, if I could, so I embarked on a battle to defeat as many enemies as I could. The battles took way longer, and this playthrough in general took twice as long as everyone else's. orz Compared to their 2-4 hours, Nessiah's was like 8 hours.

Nessiah: I no longer have any business with you. Move, please.
Emilia: For my brother… and for everyone’s sake… I’m not letting you through!

You notice the difference between this and Nessiah's conversation with Emilia when she attacks him. This kind of holds true for every character. In every other route, when you have the Imperial Army attack Nessiah, they banter back and forth rather affectionately and some members are reluctant to attack him at all. But in Nessiah's route, everyone hates him. It's like, the world is fine with him as long as he stays put, but the second he moves out? Oh my god, how dare he, he's the enemy of the entire world. It got kind of obnoxious after a while. Nessiah's goals are a lot more sympathetic than, say, Juvelon's or Dort's.

Emilia: I-I can’t believe I lost…
Nessiah: Oh, dear. If this is the limit of the Emperor’s little sister… that’s a bit disappointing.

Nessiah: It was easier than I thought it would be. *giggle*

Nessiah: How anticlimax. *giggle*

As you may surmise by now, giggle.wav gets a real workout here. o/

Nessiah: Thank you for your good work, everyone.

At this point in time, most of the other main characters would be railing about their goals or ideals. Nessiah usually takes this time to appreciate his soldiers, which makes me smile. (And is also a little sad, because they're still all Astarte...!) He's a brat troll to everybody else, but he is perfectly capable of being kind to his allies.

Nessiah: Since it’s you, I suppose you won’t cause trouble if I let you live. *giggle*

Load screen:

Nessiah: Then, let us resume the story… *giggle*

Nessiah: What’s the matter? Are you coming or aren’t you?
Canaan: I won’t let you live! Let’s go!

Canaan: I just wanted to protect everybody…
Nessiah: You, protect them? With that kind of power? Hmhm…, hahahaha!

Congrats, Canaan. You have the dubious honor of being one of the three or so people that Nessiah will laugh at instead of giggling.

Baldus: Sir Nessiah, I cannot let you proceed.
Nessiah: *giggle* Then, please show me the power of the one called the God of War…

You will notice that I'm heading south. I wanted Gulcasa on my team (well, of course), so that means lots of legwork in order to get enough turf to impress him. Besides, if I went and attacked Gulcasa right away, Bronquia would get added to my territory all at once, and I wouldn't get enough enemies to unlock him.

Baldus: Wh-what…?!
Nessiah: The God of War is in decline, I suppose… *giggle*

Nessiah: Fools… Even though it’s useless to oppose me…

Nessiah: This is my compassion. Go wherever you will.

Zilva: Nessiah… I’ll defeat you…!
Nessiah: The assassin is proposing a fair battle? Well, well… *giggle*

I doubt they get along too well. Come to think of it, he was enjoying teasing her in their other Duel Event, too.

Zilva: I miscalculated…
Nessiah: Oh? What a let-down. I’m disappointed.

Nessiah: Let us aim for the next stage and proceed.

Nessiah: Well then, what should our next target be…?

Russell: Sorry, but I’m not letting you through here.
Nessiah: All right. Then I’ll have you disappear for me…!

Russell: Dammit, I messed up…
Nessiah: Oh my, I’m disappointed. To think this is all the power the Astral Fencer has…

Cruz: For the revolution… and the freedom of the world… I’ll crush you here!
Nessiah: *giggle* So… you come with the revolution? What a debut… *giggle*

Hey, Cruz. Ever get the feeling you're being talked down to severely...?

Cruz: I ran out of arrows…

Cruz: H-he got me…
Nessiah: Oh? What’s wrong? Was all that about the revolution just talk?

Mizer: If the world gets destroyed, all the money’ll be gone too!
Nessiah: *giggle* Money… Fighting for that is foolish.

It's too bad the DS can't handle full voice for a game like this. :3a This would be both of Miyake's characters fighting each other.

Also, oh. Mizer got shot downnn.

Mizer: That hurt! At least hold back a little!
Nessiah: After all, people like you have no connection to my plan… *giggle*

Nessiah: Your people took good care of me, but… Now, I no longer have any business with you. Disappear for me!
Pamela: Whoa?! You have no business with the great Pamela?! Don’t be so high-and-mighty!

To those who may not know, Nessiah is referencing his contract with the Yumel (that they would help him master the Power of Words in exchange for his eye). He is genuinely grateful for this, mind, despite having had his eye gouged out for it.

It's implied that aside from Gulcasa and company, the Yumel were the only people who treated Nessiah even slightly humanely. With the near-constant trolling and continual application of giggle.wav, it is really easy to forget that underneath Nessiah's cheerful, rather bratty behavior is someone who's been suffering for a thousand years.

Pamela: It’s unavoidable, huh…

Pamela: Clunk! We finally came this far, too~
Nessiah: I am truly grateful to you all. *giggle*


.../punches Asgard

Nessiah: *giggle* Are you still trying to talk your way out of your responsibilities and orders?
Elena: This time… I’ll fight with everything I have. In order to stop you here…!

...Hmm. Kind of interesting to consider this. Elena had problems with morality/cowardice/what have you in the Imperial Army?

Nessiah: Oh, what happened? Where did your will to fight go?
Elena: Somebody… stop this man… Please…


Durant: We know this chaos is your doing! We shall accept your challenge!
Nessiah: *giggle* So you’re going to defeat me? By all means, try it…

By the way, Durant was conquered by Bronquia a little while back, so I still haven't started attacking Fantasinia yet.

Durant: For even me to… this is humiliating!
Nessiah: It’s out of the question for you, if this is all the power you have.


Nessiah’s Forces’ Conquered Territory Expands!
At the end of their many expeditions, Nessiah’s conquered territories had grown vast.

With such a large territory under his control, Nessiah was feared throughout the continent as one who had grown mighty. However, because the surrounding countries could no longer just ignore him, Nessiah set forth to prove his power…

Nessiah: We aren’t there yet… We can’t be satisfied with only this. Hmhm…

...It really does get on my nerves how Nessiah gets treated like he's the villain here. In every other route, he's just another enemy; yes, he has some real problems with his personality, but his goals are seriously more sympathetic than a lot of other characters. The writers are just picking on him again...

Okay, this is a pretty good stopping point, so we'll leave off here. Join us again for more trolling next time, when we start with attacking Leon~!

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