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Nessiah Unison, part 2

Okay, so I'm impatient and I have enough for a post, so let's have the second part of Nessiah's route! There'll be three total.

As you may remember, last time we'd just gotten enough territories to be a contender! I still had a party of all Astarte, and we went and stomped through various countries. At this point, I own most of Bronquia, most of Fantasinia, and Marduk.

So let's go attack Aegina and cut Yggdra off!

Aegina: We were stupid to have trusted you. Prepare yourself!
Nessiah: Fools who don’t understand the value of suspicion… you really are naïve. *giggle*

Lots more giggle.wav to come, we promise you. Also, :C at Nessiah. Because while blindly trusting everyone is bad, being suspicious of everyone is bad, too.

Aegina: W-wait… I haven’t… settled things… yet…
Nessiah: Oh? Trying to bluff at a time like this… *giggle*

Time to go beat up Leon now too~.

Leon: I like it! C’mon!

Leon: Hah… What a surprise to meet you like this, Nessiah!
Nessiah: Enough with your impertinence, please. I’d like you to disappear for me!

Leon: Ugh… Wh-what?!
Nessiah: Am I stupid to have expected you to be capable of more than this? *giggle*

Enacting the Plan to Eliminate Fantasinia
Yggdra of the Kingdom of Fantasinia, who carried Nessiah’s Holy Sword, was an obstruction to fulfilling his desires…

The only real threat in this world was the Holy Sword held by Fantasinia… If he could defeat the princess who now wielded it, there would no longer be anyone who could stand in Nessiah’s way…

With that in mind, Nessiah gathered his soldiers, and aimed for the Kingdom of Fantasinia, setting forth in a bold attack…!

Nessiah: Now, let us procure the means for revenge on the gods…

Nessiah: *giggle* So you intend to get in my way? It’s useless!
Protector: *gwoh*!!

Either this kid has a compulsive need to troll everything, or he's lonely. ;w;

Protector: *gwoh*~
Nessiah: *giggle* Did you think that such as you could win against me?

I also find it interesting that Nessiah talks to golems and skeletons as though they're the same as humans. (contrast the Royal Army's treatment of the Protector in Yggdra Union)

Nessiah: You’re in my way. Please move!
Dort: No way I’m lettin’ you through. This’ll be your grave!

I still want to know what the hell Dort's dialect is. It's not Kanto and it's not Kansai...

Dort: Nwah?! What are you?!
Nessiah: That isn’t something you need to know. *giggle*

www 可愛いよネシア―

Mistel: How awful of you to leave me out~!

As you can tell, that there was Mistel's event trigger.

Amareus: Hmhm… I don’t mind. I’ll be your opponent.

Nessiah: Why, if it isn’t the cardinal’s dog. What business do you have with me?
Amareus: For Lord Juvelon’s sake… I’ll crush you here. Hmhm…

www oh Nessiah

Amareus: Kh…!
Nessiah: Oh? How anticlimax. I’m disappointed.

Nessiah: *giggle* It’s you, isn’t it? That idiot knight constantly spewing talk of god?
Gordon: Are you maligning God?! Pathetic wretch, come at me!

...oh dear. www

Gordon: For me to have lost… this is humiliating…!
Nessiah: Is that what you call the power of god? How completely worthless. *giggle*


Inzaghi: I’m not gonna let you do whatever you want. I’m gonna make mincemeat outta you!
Nessiah: *giggle* Fool. In that case, disappear for me!

Inzaghi: D-dammit… I messed up!
Nessiah: Oh, weren’t you saying something about making mincemeat of me here?

Ortega: Hey, you! For my boys’ sake, I ain’t lettin’ you through here!
Nessiah: *giggle* You mean to imply that you’re going to stop me? Hmhmhm, hahahaha!

Ortega is adorkable. Nessiah is a troll. That makes three people that Nessiah actually laughs at, the others being Flunky and Canaan.

Ortega: Guh… D-don’t kill me…
Nessiah: No need to worry. I’ll give you peace soon…

Mistel: How troubling~. You’ll regret it later!

Mistel: I can’t let you through, understand? For the sake of everyone I love…!
Nessiah: Is that so? Then I’ll have you disappear for me, too. *giggle*

Fighting Mistel was actually very FFFUUUUUUU-inducing. We were using... Mind Change, I think? Which shuffles units' HP. We defeated her, the card activated, and she was right back there again. /headwall

Mistel: Oh, my! It’s a little embarrassing to end up like this…
Nessiah: *giggle* It’s useless. There isn’t anyone that can stop me…

Originally I'd planned to get the other four mains in Nessiah's party, but Mistel >>> Milanor, so Mistel it is:

Mistel: A loss is a loss. Do what you like.

Nessiah: I can make you one of my pawns. What say you?
Mistel: I wonder if you can use me properly?

Pawns are the heart and soul of chess... so this isn't very insulting.

Anyhow, I bid an Astarte goodbye and finally added my first named general to Nessiah's team. H-he made a friend! I'm so happy for him!

Nessiah: Oh? If it isn’t the head of the Esmeralda house. To think, you’re still alive… *giggle*
Rosary: Yep. I’ve been waiting here to give you some payback!

okay so this is pretty interesting. I wonder what happened here? Rosary's prologue hasn't mentioned Ankhs or anything...

Nessiah: Oh dear. This is certainly anticlimax. To think you were this weak…
Rosary: I just messed up a little!

Ishiene: I’m not letting you through, creepy bastard!
Nessiah: No matter how much you resist, you’ll let me pass in the end. *giggle*

Ishiene: Dammit! This guy… is strong…
Nessiah: I’m… not going to be defeated so easily, you understand? *giggle*

Nessiah: Oh? I thought the Imperial Magicians had already been disbanded?
Eudy: Too bad! You might’ve been the strongest and the worst, but we’re still here!

Also interesting. Nessiah and Eudy seem to have been officers in the same general platoon.

Eudy: Kh…! You got me, didn’t you…
Nessiah: Such as you… are merely pawns to me, you understand?

Mistel: Is it not the duty of a housewife to risk her life for her loved ones?
Luciana: A housewife?! Don’t make me laugh! You’re not passing through here!


Also, we beat up Luciana faster than I expected, so uh, I missed the first half of her Duel Event with Nessiah. orz

Luciana: We can’t… let you… run wild…
Nessiah: Oh dear, so you still have enough strength to say silly things, do you? *giggle*

So with this, we can just go attack Gulcasa at our convenience. Let's go get MORE FRIENDS!

Nessiah and Kylier's Duel Event's first half is in the Ortega Unison LP.

Kylier: Y-you’re pretty strong… Ugh…
Nessiah: No need to worry. I’ll give you peace soon…

Kylier: You’re even sparing Al? Then I’ll come with you…

...dammit c-cute

Okay! That's it for now. The next installment will be the last, and we'll start off with attacking Yggdra! GIVE IT BACK, YGGDRA.
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