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Blaze Union prologue

The Bronquian Empire...

A martial state since time immemorial, whose line of emperors carry the blood of the ancient dragon Brongaa through a contract.

The current Emperor, Soltier, imposed a heavy tax and made radical changes to the armed forces immediately upon succeeding the throne from his younger brother.

Emperor Soltier's misgovernment caused fear to erupt between the common people.

In the end, rebellions broke out here and there, and public order was deteriorating. Looting and merchants defecting to the black market were on the rise. The people's peaceful lives had been torn asunder at the claws of an irrational demon.

In the west side of the Empire lay the city of Tiera, a hub of commerce.

Both the wealthy upper crust who sought greater wealth through exploitation and the desperately poor lived there; it was a town that could be said to symbolize the unbalanced state of the Empire.

It is within this very city of Tiera, in a district where the oppressed live huddled together, that the curtain rises on this story...
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