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Nessiah Unison, part 3

Here we've arrived at last at the third part! I translated all this last night in one sprint, since I had the time to do so. o/

DAMMIT ASGARDDDDD. /tables, flips them

Okay, so continuing from last time: Nessiah, Mistel, and Kylier have most of the world under their control, and are ready for the final sprint! Only Yggdra, a few territories of Bronquia, Milanor, and Roswell remain!

Yggdra: I know all about your plans. Leave this land!
Nessiah: I might think about it… if you give me my sword back. *giggle*
Yggdra: I’ll never part with this sword. Never…
Nessiah: Then there’s no helping it. I’ll simply defeat you and take it back!

Thus far, this is the longest Duel Event there's ever been. GIVE IT BACK, YGGDRA~

Nessiah: Show me… that power that you hold…

Mistel: I’ll show you, too, the resolve of the Hidden Housewife~
Yggdra: I never thought I’d have to fight you… But I won’t hold back!

lmao oh Mistel~

Nessiah: Oh? What’s the matter? Shall I strip you of that sword, then?
Yggdra: No way… We got this far…

oh yggdra when will you learn~

Not pictured is me adding Yggdra to the team. FRIENDS~

Fantasinia’s Eradication Complete
Awakened from his long slumber, Nessiah had finally been able to remove the kingdom of Fantasinia, one of his greatest obstacles, with the help of his forces.

The kingdom of Fantasinia fought well, but before the demonic advance of Nessiah’s forces, all attempts to resist proved futile. After many soldiers were defeated, even the Royal capital of Paltina was captured.

Now that he had destroyed Fantasinia, Nessiah gathered his soldiers to advance on other lands, in the name of unifying the continent…

Nessiah: *giggle* It seems I’ve come one step closer to my wish…

Nessiah: *giggle* So you intend to hinder me? Learn your own powerlessness!
Sodom: *gwoooh!*

oh rosary. All of Eudy's golems are named Tutelar, and Rosary gives each golem she makes a name, but why would you ever name your pet golems "Sodom" and "Gomorrah"?

Sodom: *gwoh*~
Nessiah: *giggle* Did you think that such as you could win against me?

Nessiah: *giggle* So you intend to hinder me? Then, disappear!
Servant: Kekeke, kekekeke!

Servant: Ke…keke…
Nessiah: *giggle* Did you think that such as you could win against me?

Monica: You’re the one to blame for all this, right? I won’t forgive you!
Nessiah: The lot of you are only pawns. At least, if you’re looking from my viewpoint. *giggle*

oh monica~. I just. WHY ARE THEY BOTH SO CUTE jdksl

Monica: Stronger… I have to be stronger…
Nessiah: At first, I… very, very long ago, I once thought the same thing…

Now, I find this interesting. Both that Nessiah is obviously likening himself to Monica (when most of the time he's going lol you silly human beans), and that he'd tell her--admit to her, more like--that he's seeing his old self in her, i.e. they're the same.

Nessiah: Oh? Your Majesty. Your role in the story is already over, understand?
Gulcasa: No, it seems like I still have one. My role is to defeat you now!
Nessiah: *giggle* So you’re going to defeat me. Then, by all means, try to do so!


Nessiah: Oh, dear. This is a disappointment. And you were so insistent that you would defeat me.
Gulcasa: Kh… What the…?!

Gulcasa is always so FFFFFFFFF whenever he loses, it's adorable. This whole scene was just cute. |D

Of course, I got Gulcasa on my team after this. ・3・ romance! ...FRIENDS~

Bronquia’s Eradication Complete

Nessiah and his forces had finally put an end to the New Bronquian Empire, and the calamitous power that had made it an obstruction to his desire.

The New Bronquian Empire was famed for its great might in military affairs, but both its famous generals and its foot soldiers were quickly dispatched by the demonic advance of Nessiah’s underlings, and before long, the entire country had been brought under his control. However, this was but the beginning of Nessiah’s goals… In search of the next stage, Nessiah progressed the advance of his troops…

Nessiah: It wasn’t as difficult as I’d planned for it to be… *giggle*

Gulcasa: Next time, fight with everything you’ve got!

Fighting Flunky's... flunkies. |D Had to screencap this because www Gulcasa is adorable.

Gulcasa: I’ve got no idea who you are and where you come from, but I’ll be your opponent! Let’s go!
Milanor: So the Blazing Emperor’s my enemy, huh… Sounds fun! Let’s do it!

The other side of both of these Duel Events are in Ortega's LP.

Milanor: Shit… You’re seriously strong…
Nessiah: At least I can tell you… you did well to try. *giggle*

the moebutt is a troll. and vice versa.

Nessiah: Oh? If it isn’t the head of the Branthèse house. To think you were still alive… *giggle*
Roswell: No matter what you expected, I’m still here!

seriously what did he do in the unison backstory to piss these guys off :x Maybe Roswell and Rosary will have confrontation events when they attack Nessiah's territory?

Roswell: So… it’s my loss… then…?
Nessiah: Oh, my. What a letdown. To think that you were this weak…

aw yeah~ /o/

Nessiah: *giggle*… Hahahahaha!

Title: Housewife Mistel
Vitality: Medium
13 battles, 63 attacks, 11 kills
Defeated once
Score: 603,399
It is said that at the end of the war, she returned to her peaceful lifestyle, but since she had originally been sheltered, she studied housework with desperation…
Mistel: You have to look at me at least a tiny bit differently, don’t you?

Same title as she got in Yggdra's route.

Title: Kylier the Unruly
Vitality: Medium
8 battles, 43 attacks, 5 kills
Never defeated
Score: 457,800
It is said that she who deserted the battlefield as soon as something came up that she didn’t like was eventually deserted in turn by her comrades, and lived a life of solitude…
Kylier: And everybody lived happily ever after!

one of these things does not match the others. :|a (brb dying lmao. We were fairly close to getting her a better title, too.)

Title: Come-Near-Me-And-I’ll-Kill-You Yggdra
Vitality: High
7 battles, 74 attacks, 4 kills
Never defeated
Score: 651,300
It is said that she, who had gathered great military power, considered it a virtue to carry out her word and cut down the opponents she’d decided to kill, and henceforth continued to run around the battlefield…
Yggdra: Th-this can’t be…

d-dying ahahahahaha you can't be serious. |D (also, for the love of... stop whining!)

Title: Demon Warrior Gulcasa
Vitality: High
3 battles, 48 attacks, 10 kills
Never defeated
Score: 525,800
It is said that his fighting form, comparable to that of a demon god, terrified his enemies, his allies, and the nearby civilians without exception…
Gulcasa: Kh… Great power, huh…

when are you going to stop whining heika. Also b-brb laughing my ass off at that description. |D

Title: Ultimate Fallen Angel Nessiah
Vitality: N/A
33 battles, 323 attacks, 87 kills
Never defeated
Score: 4,428,300
It is said that many fled at the very sight of he who not even the gods could stop…
Nessiah: The world I wished for… has finally arrived! With this power… let us now claim revenge on the gods!

I am so proud of myself for this. I think that this is all that needs to be said.

~The Sun Sets on the Gods~
After ending the chaos of the land that humans were unable to affect, the fallen angel Nessiah, who had accomplished the first phase of his true objective, set out for Asgard to take revenge on the gods with only the power he carried. It is said that there were many people who left for the front with him, but none ever returned… Afterward, upon the world that had lost its sovereign dawned yet another conflict of choosing one. And so the long-standing chaos of war enveloped the world yet again…


...excuse me but what is this bullshit. :|

Yeah. Losing to anybody? With what Nessiah is very clearly capable of? I THINK NOT. One of these things is not like the others. The writers are just being assholes to him again, aren't they...


On a slightly more positive note, I was able to unlock Gulcasa, Roswell, and Pamela during Nessiah's playthrough. I'll be tackling Dort's route next, and then Rosary, and then will be moving on to Gulcasa. Gordon and Juvelon are the only characters I have yet to unlock.
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