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Gulcasa Unison

Hi there, Yggdra Unison, it's been quite a while!

Yeah, I know, I was supposed to do Dort's route next, but after several months' worth of playing Blaze Union and getting more and more pissed at the scenario writers (and Ito and Sting's writers, who gave them their framework!), I went, know what, fuck this. I don't want to play with Dort, I want to stomp the living fuck out of the world with Gulcasa.

And so that is exactly what I did.

Since oh, lol, we already have a third of the world under our command, we have way less screencaps in Gulcasa's route than we had in any other route, and it should all fit in one post.

The New Bronquian Empire
Leader: Blazing Emperor Gulcasa
Generals: 12
Handicap: 1
A mighty force that controls everything west of Canossa; led by Blazing Emperor Gulcasa.

Gulcasa: Let’s go! To bring peace to this world!!

To my disappointment, I discovered that you don't get to have everyone--you are given four random generals out of the Imperial Army. I got Zilva, Monica, and the twins. (I do intend to try again and get both Emilia and Monica in the same group...)

~New Bronquian Empire~
Soon after dispatching the former Emperor and bringing peace to his own territory, Gulcasa awakened to the desire to unite the entire continent.

From the battle with the previous Emperor, Gulcasa had his beloved generals who had led the way to victory and the elite troops he had personally trained.

Taking blitzkrieg tactics as his motto, Gulcasa and the handpicked forces he led began their invasion into other countries…

The word choice in the first page for "lead" is kind of sweet. It means lead/possess, but also means things like "embraces" and "loves".

Gulcasa: This is my choice!

From our starting position, we may attack Pamela or Yggdra.

WELP. :|a

The Invasion of Fantasinia
On the orders of Emperor Gulcasa, Bronquia began its invasion into the Kingdom of Fantasinia.

In order to conquer the Kingdom, which could be called Gulcasa’s bitter enemy, the army began its movements into the center of the continent. If this kingdom could be defeated, then that would mean that the New Bronquian Empire had risen to the level of its legendary conquerors. The time to settle things had come!

Gulcasa: This is an important battle in uniting the continent!

So we went to punch Cruz in the face!

Gulcasa: I have no business with small fries!
Cruz: If we can beat this guy… the revolution will begin!

Monica: Oh, too bad for you!

Monica got him. This was only the first sign of the extreme badassery to follow.

Gulcasa: Our true battle doesn’t end with this!

Monica: Your Majesty, I’ve brought the prisoner.

Gulcasa: There’s nothing to be gained from killing him. Turn him loose!

Gulcasa: Let us continue the campaign.

Gulcasa: Weaklings…! I’ll teach you!!
Pamela: Whoa! Um, Pamela just remembered something important… Can Pamela go home?
Gulcasa: Go home…? There’s nowhere for you to run!

their duel events are always hilarious man

Pamela: Ukyaa~! I’m seeing stars!
Gulcasa: Small fries ought to pull out their soldiers quietly!

Gulcasa: Hmph, that was too easy!

Gulcasa: Well done, everyone. The realization of our goals is at hand!

And next was Durant!

Durant: As expected of the Blazing Emperor…
Gulcasa: I thought I already said that I don’t care about weaklings!

Then we went after Yggdra!

Monica: Move it! We… can’t lose, no matter what!
Yggdra: Please! Leave this place!

yggdra don't be classist now you know she's going to kick your ass

Gulcasa: Princess! So you’re still living on shamelessly?!
Yggdra: Blazing Emperor Gulcasa! I’ll defeat you… and avenge my parents!
Gulcasa: Sounds interesting. Then, show me your resolve! Let’s go!

Apparently Ordene and his eternally offscreen wife died at Karona then, like Nessiah seems to have too? I don't even know, man.

Yggdra: N-no way…
Monica: Don’t make fun of our resolve!

And then my rom overheated about ten seconds after this, causing me to sadface.

We did it again, with Zilva doing the asskicking this time.

Yggdra: Come near me, and I’ll kill you!
Zilva: It seems as though… you’re prepared, Princess!

Zilva: You have a ways to go!
Yggdra: S-she’s strong…!

Yggdra: I have no intention of simply accepting this shame!
Gulcasa: Release her!
Yggdra: I’ll never forget this humiliation as long as I live!

... :|a

Yggdra's exact word choice (third one down) in the first screen for "shame" probably isn't by chance. Oh man, she really thinks poorly of Gulcasa, doesn't she? Yggdra, we like you, but you should get out more. H-he's not like that...!

Fall of the Kingdom
Through Emperor Gulcasa’s blitzkrieg-style offense, the New Bronquian Empire ended the Kingdom of Fantasinia.

The Royal Army fought back, but their powerful soldiers and popular generals were captured by the Empire, along with the capital city of Paltina. Once the last resistance by Royal soldiers had been fended off and conquered, Fantasinia was at last assimilated in one stroke. Emperor Gulcasa began the preparations to clash his dream against the surrounding territories…

Gulcasa: All that’s left is small fries. Let’s finish them all off at once!

Do you know how much they're small fries? They're so small and pathetic that we didn't even get any duel events with them!

...Although this is actually probably because I used Monica a lot, and she doesn't have too many Duel Events.

Anyhow, before we knew it, we owned half the map:

The Imperial Territory Becomes Vast!
At the end of the various skirmishes, the New Bronquian Empire had come to possess a vast amount of land.

For seizing great power through his widespread expansion, Emperor Gulcasa’s name resonated throughout the continent. However, because the surrounding countries could no longer just ignore him, Gulcasa continued with the preparations for the next battle, in order to prove that power…

Gulcasa: The battle hasn’t been decided yet. Don’t loosen your grip until the last!

We took out Ortega (who had already taken over Rosary's turf), Roswell, and Emelone, then started moving on the other Undines, who had already been recruited by Milanor.

Nietzsche: Uwa~h! Looks like anything else is useless…
Zilva: You have a ways to go!

Incidentally, I spent a lot of time sending the twins out on item searches--there weren't many chances because almost all of the swordsmen in this game are Gulcasa's soldiers, but I was hoping to get a sword or something to give Monica. No such luck, but I did get the Ogre Blade.

And the Ogre Blade answered our unasked question of "Okay, is there any way for Gulcasa to get any more gameshattering?" Coincidentally, that answer is YES. The Ogre Blade is only for Gulcasa, and it raises his attack and VIT by 1, along with making his Impact Circle take up most of the screen. His attack is already 7, and the highest most people get is 6. So Gulcasa turned into an instant I Win button. It was pretty glorious to behold, actually! He got a couple of full Kill Outs all in one hit (as in being the only unit to attack after the HP gauge went down to zero). Remember, you only get a Kill Out when that bar is completely depleted for the second time...!

After beating up Nietzsche and getting slightly distracted with Dort, we had about enough territory to strongarm Nessiah back onto the team, and so that is what we did.

Decisive Battle with Nessiah’s Forces
On the orders of Emperor Gulcasa, the New Bronquian Empire began to advance to destroy Nessiah’s forces, which could be ignored no longer.

Nessiah’s forces were positioned very close to Bronquia. If they were attacked from a place so close, it would be as if the Empire had the blade of a sword pressed threateningly to its heart.

Unable to close his eyes to this fact, Emperor Gulcasa began an attack meant to utterly destroy Nessiah’s forces with one clean blow.

Gulcasa: That idiot… We can’t just let him do as he pleases like this!

Gulcasa and Zilva did most of the fighting here, so no new conversations.

Nessiah’s Forces Disbanded
At the end of the fierce battle, Emperor Gulcasa’s New Bronquian Empire had destroyed Nessiah’s forces.

Nessiah’s army possessed great power, but in the face of Emperor Gulcasa’s raw power and the skilled soldiers serving under his trusted generals, it was swiftly dismantled, and Bronquia had become that much more powerful. However, as if they knew not such a thing as rest, Gulcasa’s forces were already preparing to move out again…

Gulcasa: Clashing blades with me… What a fool!

You tell him, hon! We know who wears the pants in this relationship!

Nessiah: To think I would be able to meet you like this…
Gulcasa: You’ve got promise. Would you consider working with me?

He said yes, obviously.

...Also, nothing is ever going to change the fact that Nessiah's lines when conversing with Gulcasa have ridiculously affectionate undertones. He usually just addresses Gulcasa by name or title, but it's "anata" here (and just to remind anyone who doesn't know moonspeak, 貴方 shares connotations with affectations like "dear" or "honey"--the weird connotations of all the "you" words are part of why you generally refer to other people by name in Japanese instead of "you"). A-and. He's using keigo, and his verb tense... CRAP, NESS, COULD YOU LAY IT ON ANY THICKER?

Aegina: …Thank you for taking care of me. I will never forget my gratitude…

We had to let somebody go, so it wound up being Aegina (whose attack score is lower than Luciana's). She is cute. ;w;

Ishiene: Foolish humans… I won’t let you through here!
Zilva: …………

Ishiene: H-he’s strong…!
Nessiah: I have… something that I must accomplish at all costs. *giggle*…

I forgot to cap Ishiene's line, oops.

So we beat up Milly's forces, then went to go deal with Juvelon. In both cases, it was an utter curbstomp. :|a Come on, I've got Monica, Zilva, Nessiah, and Luciana on my side! How could it not be?!

Mardym: What a sinful woman, to debase the name of God…!
Luciana: To think you can still prattle on in your state… You’re a disgusting creature!

understatement: the twins dislike priests.

So anyway, we did it. c:

Gulcasa: !! We did it…

S-Siskier, were you watching...? (;w;)ノ

Now for our usual Hall of Fame!

Title: Gallant Village Girl Monica
Vitality: Medium
19 battles, 66 attacks, 12 kills
Never defeated
Score: 995,000
It is said that her reckless courage and complete disregard for her own safety were always able to strengthen the spirits of everyone around her…
Monica: Seriously?! Our greatest wish finally came true, didn’t it!

...I missed a better title by exactly 5000 points. :x Still, this is not bad for a character who's technically one of the weakest in the game! COME NEAR HIS MAJESTY, AND MONICA WILL KILL YOU!

additionally, dat title. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE ANYONE ElSE WE KNOW :|a (gulcasa i am looking at you)

Title: Zilva the Phantom
Vitality: High
17 battles, 57 attacks, 10 kills
Never defeated
Score: 1,010,500
She whose deeds of arms were all contributions of espionage was remembered and feared by enemy armies for her phantasmal movements…
Zilva: May our Empire be blessed with everlasting glory…

Title: Famed Prophet Nessiah
Vitality: High
6 battles, 37 attacks, 7 kills
Never defeated
Score: 519,000
It is said that the fact that his prophecies often came true caused many to gather to him, but also made him feared by the influential…
Nessiah: It seems as though I’m never going to be able to predict the whims of this world…

Same title as in Ortega's route. And of course you knew SOMEONE had to complain.

Title: Luciana the Valkyrie
Vitality: Medium
14 battles, 29 attacks, 13 kills
Never defeated
Score: 562,200
It is said that she who fearlessly laid down her own life in the midst of battle inspired the praise of many, until the day that the name of Valkyrie finally was laid to rest…
Luciana: I will give my all so that the Empire may flourish!

Title: Passionate Emperor Gulcasa
Vitality: N/A
19 battles, 94 attacks, 21 kills
Never defeated
Score: 1,886,800
It is said that upon seeing his gallant figure and the way he brandished his great scythe with emotion, those who likened him to the legendary demonic dragon were not few…
Gulcasa: My Bronquian Empire has reached the summit of this world! No one can stop us anymore! The curtains have risen on Brongaa’s world!

likewise, we only missed a better title by a narrow margin! which is very not bad when considering that we already owned most of the map...!


~The Curtains Rise on the Age of Bronquia~
At the end of the long battle, the New Bronquian Empire had put an end to the chaos and unified the continent, and all that was left was to protect its strict laws; because of that, the country remained unwaveringly unified and was carefully maintained for hundreds of years thereafter. And the exploits of the Grand Emperor Gulcasa, who had built the great empire in a single lifetime, were handed down and praised for ever more in the ages to come…




I may or may not have. Been unable to stop smiling for a few hours after getting this.

This is. After the exercise of "LOL LOOK HOW BADLY IT SUCKS TO BE GULCASA!" that was Blaze Union... seriously, even if the game's just a gaiden, we needed this. The possibility of this. The confirmation that out of all the candidates who could unite the world and rule it, Gulcasa would do the best job. The fact that a happy ending still exists for him at all.


Now when is Nessiah going to get a similar treatment...? Sting, this is my last remaining complaint with you...!

So in summation, Monica is a bamf, Gulcasa tops everything, and everyone lives happily ever after for fucking once. :'D I APPROVE OF THIS.
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