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[fantasybigbang] se l'aura spira [masterpost]

Title: Se l'Aura Spira
Author: feral_phoenix
Artist: inanna_maat
Fandom: Blaze Union
Type: Slash, AU
Word Count: 22,907
Rating: R15
Characters/Pairings: Nessiah/Gulcasa, appearances by other characters.
Warnings Violence, brief sexual content, discussion of child abuse
Summary: Fleeing the army of an irate duke, wandering magician Nessiah makes for the only hiding place he can think of--a tower that the local townspeople claim has been haunted for the past fourteen years. Oddly enough, the tower turns out to be inhabited--by a very-much-alive young man. Shy, soft-spoken, and sheltered, Gulcasa has been sealed away from the outside world for much of his life; once his life collides with Nessiah's, though, it's clear that he won't stay that way.

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Photomanips: here
Mix: I didn't get a mixer, so I did one myself because why not.

Other: Since I like doing deconstructed fairytales, Se l'Aura Spira is heavily influenced by the original plotline of Rapunzel. I was also very careful with this story's planning, so close readers may be able to pick up on that. Se l'Aura Spira is an AU that branches off from the official Dept. Heaven timeline in the year 1476 MD (the present year is 1490 MD, for reference). As the pertinent parts of the background are explained, it should still be accessible to people unfamiliar with the 'verse.
Tags: blaze union, writing
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