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Lovrel / Lovrell

I guess I'll translate the new songs (i.e. the non-Yowamushi Montblanc and Mozaik Role ones, which have been done by better translators than me) from the Palovrell World album, now that I've gotten a chance to listen to it.

Lovrel (track 1) / Lovrell (track 7)
music/lyrics: Deco*27
singer: Gumi

All of the songs on the album reference the concept of "parallel worlds", but these two pretty much directly reference the album's cover itself.


orenji no umi nozokikondara
atashi ga ita no naiteita yo

if you looked into the orange sea
I was there, I was crying

wareta haato wo nagamete naita
sono namida no aji ga orenji umi sa

I cried, looking down at my broken heart
the flavor of those tears was an orange sea


kirei ni somaru parareru sora ni
atashi ga ita no naiteita yo

against a beautifully stained parallel sky
I was there, I was crying

warenai you ni yasashiku tobasu
itsuka todoite "paravureru waarudo"

I gently leap so I won't break
someday, I'll reach that "palovrell world"
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