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Appu appu!


FINALLY, I've gotten around to uploading my compressed files for download.

Chapter 0 - Introduction Corner ^_^ First installment of the Rividramas. See more details about its making and such on LCN.

Chapter 3 - One Afternoon... The first Rividrama I made a manga of. Molan was fun to draw. These images are smaller than the ones in ch0, and JPG format instead of PNG. Again, see LCN for info.

Download the brushes here.

They're in ABR format (PSCS2), but I've included the imagepack so you can still use 'em if you've got another program.

All of these files are in RAR format. I wanted ZIPs too, but... ;__; apparently only administrators on these computers can zip files. Sorry...

IN OTHER NEWS! I've posted Suki ja nai (my 10-drabble Roswell/Rosary challenge) as well as *drumroll* REXNOS' ONESHOT (Let the Rain Fall. Finally.). Go check 'em out!

ALSO, we've started tryouts for the FULL VOICED VERSION (sort of?) of Yggdra Union! @_@ I am so psyched and happy. I'm playing Nessiah and Emilia. Katy's playing Kylier. Lori's playing Eudy. Sarah's playing Nietzsche. ^_^ Evan's tried out for Milanor, and we're going to have him try Gulcasa on Monday. And hopefully I'll be able to get hold of thaliathetiger so she can try hers as well!

*bounces* Yeiii~

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