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Yuku ni, yuku no wa~ Ooki no machigai~~

AND SO! After months and months of being absolutely puzzled as to how the hell to get Gulcasa and Yggdra from "shy, uncertain, blushy-virgin-constant-first-date-couple" to "might as well be married, they're so clingy/comfortable all the time", while I was reading the book called "The Nature of Jade" I'd taken out of the library (by Deb Cabotti, I really recommend it--it's so cute and well-written, and you will especially like it if you love elephants), all of a sudden it just -clicked-.

Hence, their first lemon is finally written! :3

Like the one with Ein and Ledah where I finally relented to buddy Bri-chan's constant nagging to let Ledah pitch once, this is going to be available based on request only, since I've fallen out of the habit of just posting stand-alone lemons--I feel it's better to have it as a part of a larger plot than to just be around for the sake of fan service. It's called Somebody to Love, and it's their first time. It takes place about seven months or so after the end of Stupid Cupid.

Some notes on its content:

Aegina: She's mellowed towards Yggdra a little by now, although Luciana is still her good old psychobitch self. Not that she suddenly LIKES her half-sister or anything... she's just stopped hating her outright. Hence her willingness to elucidate Gulcasa's location when Yggdra asks.

Location and circumstances: This story takes place in New Flarewerk, still under construction at this time. New Flarewerk is located slightly southeast of the ruins of the old city, although stonemasons are examining the ground around the burnt section of Old Flarewerk and Castle Bronquia to see if it's viable for reconstruction. Gulcasa, his sisters, and his remaining court live in a three-story manor in the northwest corner of the town, basically on the border of the part of Old Flarewerk that survived, where construction for New Flarewerk began. Yggdra came to visit from Paltina.

Gulcasa's birthday: By now it would probably be his twenty-second birthday or so, although it might be his twenty-first depending on the length of the war. Because we don't know any of the characters' actual birthdates, I just reviewed astrological signs and number symbolism and made a guess at when his birthday could be. I settled on November 13th, making him a Scorpio (he's also a Year of the Dragon, ha ha). It's on the 13th because of the unlucky/lucky stigma of the number. (Personally, 13 is one of my lucky numbers, but... because of the whole Last Supper thing in Christianity it has a bad reputation.)

The dragon scene: I like to explain what's going on in day-to-day life during important times in characters' lives like this. As it goes, Gulcasa's already not in the best mood because of what's going on with his dragon. He mentions in Stupid Cupid that the land drake population is in decline, which is why males rarely leave Bronquia (partially inspired by Shin'a'in battlesteeds in the Vows and Honor trilogy; thx Mercedes Lackey-sama); to further explain, the dragon population is so small that inbreeding problems have caused partial sterility in both the females and males, so that usually a few eggs in each clutch fail to hatch. It's assumed that these problems are also shared by sea and wind drakes. Big dragons like Brongaa and its now-extinct kindred have very long reproductive cycles and rarely mate. As Gulcasa is part dragon, he carries a similar mindset with his domestic cousins that sex, pregnancy, and birth are serious, important, and not to be taken lightly.

Interestingly enough, Gulcasa and Yggdra have a similar problem to that of the land drakes in their married life. As mentioned in installments 01 and 03 (zetsubou, mahou) of Suki ja nai, their first pregnancy failed and Yggdra miscarried during the second trimester. They both took it very badly. In the future, they do have multiple children, however.

Gulcasa's room: I love describing characters' personal spaces, as it tells a lot about them. Gulcasa's bedroom is both fairly spartan and well-furnished (albeit without excess). He's so dignified and responsible around others, but the more private side to him really hates paperwork. (This was addressed in Teddy also. :3) And because of his condition, he's been sleeping more than he already did--and he loves his sleep; he's very much not a morning person. Carrying Brongaa fully aware in his body and fighting with him for control all the time burns through his energy, so his bed is currently his favorite place. It's a sign of masculine laziness that he often doesn't make his bed in the morning--he's one of those people who goes "I'm just going to get back in it and mess it up again, so what's the point?" (Then again, so am I... what the heck does that say about me...?) I think things like that are cute in a character like him. And Yggdra really likes his room. Mmmm, sexual tension so thick you can cut it with a knife. <3

Yggdra's pendant: Somehow I doubt Midgard in its YU years has come up with The Pill yet, so the most popular feminine contraceptive is a pendant enchanted by a healer to cause the wearer's eggs to lose their potency. There's a masculine version of this, too; in addition to casting their own spells (because they're a little snobby that way), these are what Roswell and Rosary use. Guys can still use condoms, though. (Those are probably the oldest contraceptives, so I figure having them around is safe.)

The Scene itself: Readers may notice that this is not the longest or most graphic lemon I have ever written. The actual sex (not the foreplay) doesn't last very long, probably only a few minutes, and I didn't feel the need to draw it out. The reason being, Gulcasa and Yggdra are inexperienced. They don't have that kind of endurance, nor do they know all the interesting little things couples can do to each other in bed. (Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that they've thought about those things, but are WAAAAAAAYYY too shy to actually try them yet.) A girl's first time is usually pretty awkward, and if her partner is also a virgin and does not have a half-dragon guy's stamina, the chances are that it will not last long enough for her to experience orgasm. Lucky Yggdra, Gulcasa is half-dragon and possesses a bit more stamina than the average Joe.

No need to gloss over those realities and make things longer than they technically should be. What do you think this is, Kokoro no Hanashi?

...*shifty eyes*...

(((((((((((^_^;;;;;;) [<--gettin' outta here, too many upraised eyebrows!]

Uh, the point being, if you want to read, ask, and I'll put it up for download/email it. @_@~


PS: What's up with the post title, you ask? Well, we played Under the Sea in orchestra today, and I know the Japanese lyrics better than the English ones. Sora singing in Japanese is sooo cute.
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