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To all those involved in the Unofficial Full-Voiced YU project, LISTEN UP!

I've finally completed my script-rip. A RAR file containing the entire script and the cast list is available for download here!!

Obviously, you need winrar to be able to download this. Also, be prepared for spoilers up the butt if you haven't completed the game. (Like you don't already know all this...)

Scenes are broken down by area. The areas, in chronological order, are:

-Norn Valley
-Lennessey Mountains
-Castle Karona
-Marduk Forest
-Lost Aries
-Nyllard Desert
-Fortress of Ishnad
-Drominos Marsh
-Heaven's Gate

We've also got the two alternate endings (Ending B and C) in here. They contain all the basic scene text as well as the endings and epilogues.

For the narrator (whoever reads the prologue/epilogues) we'll probably have whoever plays Marietta or Nessiah (me) do those. Once we have someone for Marietta, we'll rock-paper-scissors for it or something. *shrug*

CHARACTERS WHO ARE ALREADY TAKEN ARE: Nietzsche, Roswell, Kylier, Gulcasa, Eudy, Nessiah, Emilia, and (possibly) Monica.

Everyone else is still up for grabs.

IF YOU'RE TAKING THIS SCRIPT FOR YOUR OWN PURPOSES (i.e., arguments with the mods/admin at LCN), CREDIT ME AS YOUR SOURCE. Or else I will hunt you down and torment your brain with yaoi porn. (te iu kanji.)

Try to meet me at Anime Club on MONDAY (roughly 2:30-3:30 PM) for tryouts, or call me to schedule one another time.

For more character information and images of the cast, visit the YU section of LCN. To meet the four main characters (acting rather informally) and obtain information about game mechanics, look here.

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