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唄え、永劫回帰の春。 / Kagamine Rin (mygodP)

Utae, Eigoukaiki no Haru. (Sing, Eternal Spring.)
music/lyrics: mygodP
singer: Kagamine Rin append (warm, sweet)

There's an alternate, hard rock version of this song that uses both Len and Rin; its title is 謳え、永劫回帰の春。 (Cry Out, Eternal Spring.). It also has an extra two lines, which are in parentheses here.

haru tsugeru hana no kotoba kimi ni kikasetai
kaze ni iro ni niou sama ni kimi wo tsuredashite
shinobu hana yo uta ni awase kazare kono michi wo
chiisa na kimi no ayumu saki wo ateyaka ni

I want to let you hear the language of flowers declaring the spring
I'll take you along in the wind as it fills with the scent of colors
Flowers, hide yourselves; blend into the song and adorn this path
So that everywhere you step becomes elegant

kono hana no hanakotoba kimi ni okuritai
keredo kono hana wa keshite kimi ni okurenai
(dakara semete uta ni shite kimi ni todokitai
chiisa na koe wo dekiru kagiri hariagete)

I want to send the meaning of these flowers to you
But there's no way that I can make these flowers reach you
(So I at least want to put them into poetry and have it reach you
And raise my tiny voice as high as I can)

hana yo hirake tsurare kimi no kao ga agaru you ni
ao to shiro to usubeni de sora wo umetsukushi
sake yo hana yo uta ni awase odorimaiagare
chiisa na kimi no kao wo odoridasu you ni

Open, flowers, so that you'll lift your face
Bury the sky in blue and white and pale pink
Bloom, flowers; blend into the song and dance
So that your face too may alight with dance
Tags: translation, vocaloid
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