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in st. helena

In St. Helena

This is for charmwitch! It may contain vague spoilers for Solstoria, in case other people who have been following her originals are interested.

This uses a 50sentences themeset!

01 – Ring
It takes almost a month for Oksana to work up the courage to ask Nirinel about the fine golden chain that always drifts around her body.

02 – Hero
“I wonder how her father can stand it sometimes,” Lawrence whispers to Edel one evening as Elanore tears through her forensics homework with a kind of glowing fervor.

03 – Memory
He can hear their voices, and he does not want to, because he knows that if this goes on one day he will come face-to-face with her and he will not be able to bear that.

04 – Box
“Get out of your room, Edel, or I’m going to drag you.”

05 – Run
Her first few weeks of training with armor on, it feels like she has a million pounds weighing her chest and shoulders down, but still she forces her legs to move.

06 – Hurricane
“I wonder how angry he’d be if I made jokes about animal magnetism,” Elanore says conversationally as an entire flock of twittering female crows trails Lawrence down the street.

07 – Wings
Part of his link with Royce is that it will never escape his notice when a crow passes by, the black feathers brushing over him like shadows on his soul.

08 – Cold
“You keep coming in here,” the bespectacled apothecary boy says to Samantha, staring at her as if she is very odd indeed.

09 – Red
The thousands of tiny stars through her hair glimmer as though she is covered in the dust of a meteor shower, and the little children stare open-mouthed as though they have never quite seen anything like her.

10 – Drink
Despite herself, Genevieve could not help but smile as she examined the tall bottle of fine mead and the note Huxley had left with it.

11 – Midnight
“Kid, you’re gonna have to try a lot harder than that if you wanna hide your little passenger pigeon from the Hux.”

12 – Temptation
Abby wobbles on tiptoes, tongue between her teeth, for a few moments before she lets the pitcher of water crash down, and giggles at her brother and sister’s yelps.

13 – View
Seeing the world from so high up is always fresh and invigorating, and it will perhaps be many years before she really tells Wilhelm just what a treasure their flights are to her.

14 – Music
Samantha watches her, and wonders if Oksana has realized that depending on her mood her footsteps follow different kinds of rhythms, always in beat.

15 – Silk
“Don’t just stand and laugh,” Samantha implores, barely keeping from tripping over her feet as the ghost in the dress whirls her through more pirouettes, but Nirinel doesn’t seem to be listening.

16 – Cover
Lawrence smiles and smiles and Samantha knows better than to believe any of it.

17 – Promise
Fear soars and warps in Edel’s breast, and he covers his ears with his hands as if to keep the madness from spiraling out of his skin.

18 – Dream
They can always tell when Edel has been having nightmares, because there is a peculiar sort of jumpiness, a clamminess to him that lasts half the day afterward.

19 – Candle
Lawrence gives the many formless puddles of wax atop Edel’s desk a look of distinct distaste.

20 – Talent
For all that he was twisted and mean sometimes, Lawrence had always been able to take the pain away just by laying his hands on every little scrape she ever got.

21 – Silence
“If you just told them yourself,” Oksana wheedles, and Samantha does not answer.

22 – Journey
When Samantha finally reaches the top of the tower, Sidra smiles at each other—just smiles—and she could swear that she can see raining stars in the world watcher’s eyes.

23 – Fire
The magical flames simply cascade off her body as though they are illusion, and even Nirinel looks on with a kind of awe.

24 – Strength
The day will come when statues are built of her in the town square, and Oksana smiles to think how Samantha would react to that.

25 – Mask
Sometimes Lawrence just wants to take Edel apart piece by piece until the other boy’s nature is laid plain and he can hide no longer.

26 – Ice
Edel does not have to know what this woman is to feel frozen when he looks at her.

27 – Fall
Huxley cannot even remember the first time he looked at his teacher and realized quite out of the blue that she was actually really beautiful.

28 – Forgotten
“He’s angry at you because he feels left behind,” Elanore says in that you-are-unbelievably-thick voice, and Lawrence just stares at Edel’s locked door, nonplussed.

29 – Dance
The bangles sewn into Oksana’s clothing click together, and Samantha is overcome with a million feelings she doesn’t know the names for.

30 – Body
He’s almost beautiful when he’s not scowling and squinting in suspicion, Lawrence thinks idly, and reaches over to the other pillow to touch Edel’s hair.

31 – Sacred
“It’s an important thing to learn,” Edel chides, not looking at the others as he idly runs his fingers over the peeling cover of the biography of St. Helena.

32 – Farewells
“You can’t have her,” the boy says, “not now and not ever.”

33 – World
Even in this land that rejected them with all its immovable will, humans have stubbornly made themselves a home here.

34 – Formal
“The little wing clips look too cute for it to be an official uniform, though,” Nirinel hisses in Oksana’s direction as they wait for Samantha to finish dressing.

35 – Fever
Edel closes his eyes and presses his back up against the wall, almost praying that the heavy hands running over his body will just give up and go away.

36 – Laugh
Unable to bear it, Lawrence slaps Edel impulsively across the face, but it does not stop him and neither Lawrence nor Royce inside him knows what to do anymore.

37 – Lies
“’Course it’s going to be fine,” Lawrence says easily, and to his credit he doesn’t change his expression even when all five of them give him doubtful looks.

38 – Forever
Genevieve does not say that the greatest barrier is that she will only see Huxley as one child out of the throngs and throngs she has taught over the course of her long life—she does not say it, but he can see it in her distant eyes.

39 – Overwhelmed
Lawrence jumps a little as Edel slams the heavy book of potion recipes down—“And why should I even bother when for all I know you’ll be out of my life again in another year, eh?”

40 – Whisper
Bernadette’s fingertips burn with cold, and the faint giggle of her voice makes him shudder with the desire to vomit.

41 – Wait
“I’ll send you letters about everything, of course,” Lawrence had told her, and no matter how awful it was sitting out by the mailbox when the weather was bad, Samantha still did it.

42 – Talk
“And that’s pretty much how it works, so if you’ve got any questions—” Nirinel offers her friends a glowing smile as they both blush and look away from each other.

43 – Search
Because this is her mother hanging in the balance, Oksana would more than happily brave any danger herself—but that doesn’t mean she’s not glad for the company.

44 – Hope
“I’m not giving up on you yet,” Samantha says to her brother, and she thinks for a moment that she can see a flicker in his eyes underneath the black bird wearing his face.

45 – Eclipse
From the shadow side, the edges of the wheat seem to burn like a corona.

46 – Gravity
“Look at me,” Lawrence says with a deep frustration in his voice, and unwillingly Edel looks—and feels immediately as though he has tripped over something and is drowning in those shockingly green eyes.

47 – Highway
The road disappears into the wastes, swallowed up by the trailing dust storms and flashing lightning, and Lawrence stands on the brink, as far out as it is safe for a human to go, simply staring.

48 – Unknown
Nirinel feathers her fingers along shelves and shelves of little dragon figurines and stuffed animals as if she knows something the rest of the world does not.

49 – Lock
In that last moment, Edel turns away and closes his eyes—Lawrence watches him insistently, but he refuses to make a sound—and wordlessly, the both of them fly.

50 – Breathe
They form a circle—the knight and the princess and the witch, the healer and his crow prince, the alchemist and the detective—not to shut out their surroundings, but to affirm and reinforce and protect everything that has come together to become their lives.
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