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Finally. I am soo sorry. T__T;;

Well, since I've had the link for a while, here is my little comic of Chapter 1 of the Riviera dramas.

Since this is like the shortest drama track, I have NO idea how it ended up being the longest comic so far. @_@~~ Seriously. How did it get so long? :x Regardless, the files are in PNG, roughly the same size as Chapter 0, and the folder itself is compressed to a RAR file (you need winrar for it). The comic reads right to left, manga style.

I had to clean up Teru's translation in a few spots, since there was the occasional place where meaning was garbled beyond recognition. Still, this is fairly faithful to the Japanese as well as the English equivalent we were given.

I had a lot of fun drawing Rizuna, although the Ructor servants' uniforms are lacking and unoriginal. Both of Malice's outfits as a little girl were pilfered from baby Asuka, but her uniform from the middle section of the story is of my design. It's Fujishima-sama-esque though... eheh. There's rather a lot of fan service in this one (but, hey, Riviera is a fan-service-centered game, so who cares?!!), and too much Hector for my taste. Oh well. Better than most of the other dramas, where there is an overabundance of Fia. (*shot by Fia fanboys*)

I apologize for the number of poses in this comic that were taken from Lind-tama. @_@ I am so unoriginal and ashamed. T_T;;

Anyhow, it's done, and since it won't be available at LCN for some time (if ever), get it here, folks. Tell me what you think. ^_~;;


PS: Even if I do manage to get chapters 2 and 4 done over the summer, you still won't be seeing them 'til school starts again (ugh), as I likely won't have access to a scanner or PS all summer long. *sob*...
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