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patria / re-in.Carnation∞YURIA

music: Moroda Hideshi DD
lyrics: Akira Rurino, Moroda Hideshi DD
performer: re-in.Carnation∞YURIA

This song is used as the ending theme to Yggdradio, the online radio show hosted by Nakahara Mai and Sakakibara Yui to promote the PSP version of Yggdra Union. (Said radio show is now archived on the official website, for the curious.)

It is also, like most of this band's songs, delightfully vague* and could be referencing (or be from the perspective of) a number of characters in the game.

*by which I mean infuriating

sore wa harukanaru sekai wo kizamu neiro
kaze utai hana ga odoru mabushii sora
minamo ni utsuru kokage de yousei ga utau

that is the timbre that once carved the world
flowers dance to the song of the wind in the bright sky
fairies sing in the shade, reflected by the water

tabibito yo hora tsukareta nara
soko e tachiyori yasumu to ii

travelers, if you are tired
I hope you find solace there

tsukiyo terasu yasashii koe ga utau yume
natsukashii komoriuta de nemurinasai

I'm dreaming of the moonlight and a gentle voice singing
now sleep to the sound of that nostalgic lullaby

fue ga kataridasu hakanai monogatari wa
ame ga furi kokoro furue namida to naru
minamo ni utsuru kokage wa mou soko ni wa nai

the flute tells a fleeting story
the rain falls and shakes my heart, turning into tears
there's nothing in the water's reflection anymore

kanaderu uta ga sora e to kie
kimi no yokogao wa yume to nari

the melody vanishes into the sky
your face is only a mirage

owaru koto mo nakusu koto mo shiranu ano hi
kimi no sono hitomi sura omoidasezu

I can't even remember your eyes
on that day when we knew nothing of endings or loss

kiri no ue de odoru yousei
mina ga kaeru no wo machitsudzuke

the fairies dance above the mist
still waiting for us to return home

uta wa owari dare no sugata mo nai arechi
ima wa naki boku no itoshiki patria

at the end of the song, the abandoned ruined land
is the beloved homeland I've lost
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