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The Gaol of Eternity endings & sidequest walkthrough

The Gaol of Eternity has four endings. Three are relatively easily obtainable, but the fourth takes some work. You can only obtain two or three endings per playthrough.

True Ending: Have an Awakening value of 30 or higher when you clear Dearett.
Reck Ending: Have an Awakening value lower than 30, and have Reck's affection level equal to or higher than Sylephin's when you clear Dearett.
Sylephin Ending: Have an Awakening value lower than 30, and have Sylephin's affection level higher than Reck's when you clear Dearett.
Bad Ending: Lose to the last boss. This works on any route.

Affection levels are easy to raise: Make choices that will please the character whose route you're aiming for. Affection level will determine which character comes to speak with Agena during the events in Youtheia, Scirenfo, and after Dearett; whoever comes to join you after clearing Dearett is the character whose route you're on. Even during the True Route, affection levels will change small details of events.

Reck's affection is given priority over Sylephin's, so if they have the same value, you'll wind up on his route.

If you don't want to start over from the beginning of the game, I suggest leaving a save file immediately before entering Youtheia (as that's the point where you have to start prioritizing one character's affection level over the other).

About Awakening
Awakening is a hidden value that increases when your in-story choices lead towards the truth. By passing Awakening checks at certain points of the story, you will get to view hidden scenes that will cause your Awakening score to rise automatically.

Here is a list of the scenes where it is possible to obtain Awakening points (highlight to see correct answers to choices):

During the trial, before the boss fight: A constructed dimension +5
Meteor Shrine, after the boss fight: Is it reflecting the light...? +5
First night in Youtheia event: Awakening check. If your Awakening points are 10, +5 automatically.
Eagrudge, night before the tournament: Go to sleep, Force yourself to sleep +5
Mt. Edith, event at the save spot: Are you not overdoing it? +5
First night in Scirenfo event: Awakening check. If your Awakening points are 20 or higher, +5 automatically. (This takes place during the affection event.)
Dearett, obtaining a certain key item: The murals in Worthiel?

The total of possible Awakening points is 35, so you need to get as many of the choices correct as you can. If you get either of the first two events wrong, you are locked out of the True Ending. After that, though, you can still make it if you get one choice wrong.

The events of the True Ending start to branch after defeating the boss in Dearett. If you want to see as many endings as possible on one playthrough, I would suggest getting the Eagrudge choice wrong and then making an extra save file before entering Dearett.

The final boss of the True Ending is also quite a bit stronger than the Normal Endings, so come prepared.

Sidequest List
The Elder's Secret Part I
Available from the event explaining how to use the Little Eden until the party arrives in Venstella
Return to the Elder's house in the Sprite Village and talk to him.

The Elder's Secret Part II
Must clear Part I and have Reck at level 40 or above. Available starting from the party's arrival in the last dungeon.
Return to the Elder's house in the Sprite Village and talk to him to learn a new move for Reck. If you are on the True Route, you will also obtain a new Link Skill. (This Link Skill can also be used during the Normal Route during the final battle only.)

Straw Millionaire
If you can make it to the end of this item trade, you will be able to obtain an extremely powerful weapon for Reck. Unless you clear this subquest, it will be very difficult to defeat the final hidden boss.

Lucky Clover - Talk to the little girl in Cherie. (Forest of Trials clear - Meteor Shrine clear)
Relaxing Perfume - Talk to the young woman in the southwest house in Venstella. (Meteor shrine clear - first night in Youtheia event)
Herbal Medicine - Talk to the anxious lady in Youtheia. (First night in Youtheia event - arriving at Eagrudge)
Cake Recipe - Talk to the maid at the inn in Eagrudge. (Tournament clear - boss battle on Mt. Edith)
Old Coin - Talk to the waitress in the Venstella cafe. (Worthiel clear - never expires)
Pink Coral - Talk to the merchant in the Eagrudge main square. (Dearett clear - never expires)
Treasure Map - Talk to the young man in the Scirenfo shop. (Arrival at last dungeon - never expires)
Miracle Hammer - Examine the big tree in Ourite. (Arrival at last dungeon - never expires)

The Miracle Hammer is powerful, but has low accuracy, so Yuzuri recommends that you use the Intelli Ruby Earring obtainable in the Warm Feelings and A Precious Friend subquests to make up for it.

The Girl Who Lost Her Money
Available starting from the party's arrival in Renatheia
Talk to the girl wandering around the bottom right corner of town, and then examine the nearby crates to find her money. Return her money to her to receive an item and the affection of your teammates. You can leave town without returning the money, but you will lose affection points for doing so.

Warm Feelings
Reck route only. Available starting from clearing Dearett.
Return to Youtheia and talk to the girl outside the locked house. Examine the house again and then stay at the inn. The event will progress on its own. You can find an Intelli Ruby Earring if you search the house afterwards.

A Precious Friend
Sylephin route only. Available starting from clearing Dearett.
Talk to the scholar at the Eagrudge restaurant. Go to the Lost Forest and follow the green butterfly in the last area. If you already have the Cursed Key, you can find an Intelli Ruby Earring in a blue chest. Search the grass at the waterside and then try to leave the area.

Save the Pub!
Available after reaching the final dungeon.
Go to the pub in Renatheia and speak to the cook. You have three choices, and all of them are good ones; you can always buy whichever dish you picked after the event is cleared.

Spice Curry: HP and SP 40%, ATK+
Stamina Bowl: HP 60%
Barbecue Roast: SP 50%, DEF+

Hot Spring Lapis Lazuli
Available after reaching the final dungeon.
Leave the west entrance of Eagrudge and continue heading west onto the path you couldn't enter before. After passing through Nefesca Ravine, you will arrive at an inn. The first time you stay, you will be able to see a bath scene event for one of your party members. The second time onward, you will receive a complimentary item. You can also purchase special food items at the cafeteria.

You go ahead: Sylephin scene
Then, I will go: Agena scene (dialogue varies depending on route)
Let's keep talking: Reck scene

Grandmother's Love, Grandson's Letter
Available after clearing all puzzles in the final dungeon.
Go speak to the old woman in Youtheia, then head to Scirenfo and speak to the woman with pink hair at the inn. You will now be able to enter the mine. You will find a new Gimmick Item in the dungeon, and after defeating the boss there, you will be sent back to Youtheia to receive a special item.

Eagrudge Coliseum
Available after clearing all puzzles in the final dungeon.
You can either enter a single party member or your entire party. The full party coliseum battle has unlockable difficulty levels. All coliseum courses have five successive fights, except for Abyss difficulty and Reck's single combat, which will have a sixth exhibition fight. (Both exhibition fights will continue to be available until cleared.) You win prize money and high-quality items and accessories when you successfully clear a course, and losing will not result in a game over, so try as many times as you like.

After finishing the Abyss difficulty exhibition fight, go find your opponents in the Eagrudge inn to learn a secret move for Agena.

The Walls of Calamity
Available after clearing all puzzles in the final dungeon.
Return to Worthiel and use the Warp Crystal to teleport into the room with a single torch. (If you didn't already come back for it, the Cursed Key that opens blue treasure chests is here too.) Light the torch; this will cause five hidden bosses to appear all over the world in the form of pink crystals. Defeating those five bosses will win you some of the best equipment in the game, plus the right to challenge a super-hard sixth boss. You can challenge the first five bosses in any order.

Curse Dragon: Cherie Caves (you need the Pickaxe from the Grandmother's Love sidequest)
Garuda: Top of Mt. Edith
Siren: Undersea Caves (same area you fought the original Siren)
Reverse Guardian: Jail cell in Worthiel
Death Spellord: Bottom of Meteor Shrine

Ceres Eula: Dearett shrine, same area you fought the story boss there. Talk to the sparkly pillar.

Yuzuri recommends that you be at least level 40 when challenging Ceres, and give Reck the Miracle Hammer. However, Ceres is resistant to Light, so using the standard Attack command will not do very much damage. Stock up on Delectable Pudding Cake and your Save the Pub reward. Equip Agena with something to raise her Light resistance (e.g. Golden Rosary, White Quartz, Saint Brooch), Reck with the Silver Manual, and Sylephin with the Star's Tear. Good luck; you'll need it.
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