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Ten-character meme.

Okay. I'm tagging uzumakisama, shadowednavi, inkpool, thaliathetiger, and charmwitch. And anyone else who wants it. :D Don't disappoint me--this is hella fun. :D

First, select your ten fictional characters (from any medium) by whichever method you like best. Then answer the questions below.

1. Julius Vandole [Seiken Densetsu]
2. Nessiah Artwaltz [Yggdra Union]
3. Shiroi Kumo [Final Fantasy: Unlimited]
4. Akai Kiri [Final Fantasy: Unlimited]
5. Fabula Kronos [Final Fantasy: Unlimited]
6. Senel Coolidge [Tales of Legendia]
7. Shirley Fennes [Tales of Legendia]
8. Evangeline A.K. McDowell [Negima!]
9. Terra Branford [Final Fantasy VI]
10. Llednar Twem [Final Fantasy Tactics Advance]

1. Divide the list up by even and odd. Which group of five would make a better Five Man Band (like a Power Rangers team)? Who would you slot in each position: Leader, Lancer (second-in-command), Big Guy, Smart Guy, The Chick? If you think the team would be improved by swapping one character between the even and odd groups, which ones would you switch?

Odds: Julius, Kumo, Fabula, Shirley, and Terra
Evens: Nessiah, Kiri, Senel, Eva, and Llednar

I'm seeing disaster already. 'Cause Kiri + Senel, on the same team no less...; but let's try and make sentai out of this, shall we~?

~The Odds~

Leader: Terra
Lancer: Kumo
Ass-Kicker (there are no Big Guys here): Shirley
Smart Guy: Fabula
Chick: Julius (*/dodges impending deathblow*)

~The Evens~

Leader: Kiri
Lancer: Llednar
Ass-Kicker: Senel
Smartass Smart Guy: Eva
Chick: Nessiah (*/RUNS*)

Oh God. If both teams were assigned to save the world, the first would probably be the one to get it all done; the second would have fallen apart in five seconds. XD Way too much clashing of egos in the second; Kiri and Senel would argue about who gets to be the leader while Nessiah would wander off proclaiming the entire venture idiotic; Eva is too convinced of her own evilness to cooperate or help, and so Llednar would be stuck with trying to save the world by himself. ...Definitely not a good thing.

Julius and Nessiah are the Chicks because, frankly, they're the ones who require the most rescuing. @_@ I did have to think for a sec about whether the first Chick would be Julius or Shirley, but Shirley's can of Whoop-Ass is FAR superior to Julius' (sorry!), so there you go.

Team dynamics would be improved at a truly godly rate by swapping Kiri for Shirley. No more ego-clashing, and Terra wouldn't mind being a follower instead of a leader.

Overall, the first team is far more competent than the second... plus, they have all the instapwn people. XD

2. Gender-swap 2, 8 & 10. Which character would have the most change in their story arc? Which the least? Would any of these characters have to have a complete personality change to be believable as the opposite sex?

Female!Nessiah and Llednar?! XDDDDDD Ohhh God.

Well, let's see. Probably the biggest change to story would be a female Llednar, since if he were a girl, Mewt would probably have had to be made one, too... and there wouldn't be as much pressure on him to be 'manly' and drop the teddy bear... so all of FFTA might not have happened... wow. Let's just stick with those two as guys. XDD

Nessiah is a fairly gender-neutral character as far as plot goes. If he'd been made a girl, things... really would not be all that different. Except that maybe Gulcasa would've fallen for him before Yggdra had a chance and Ness-tan would be a lot happier. XD

Out of all of them, Evangeline's personality would probably have to change the most, since you can't really do "temptress" with a man. Kaworu is probably the closest to that, and a Kaworu-type character wouldn't have had nearly the same effect on Negi and the girls. Besides, Eva wouldn't have been allowed in 3-A if she were a guy anyway!

3. Compare the matchups of 1 & 8 and 5 & 9. (Ignore canon sexual preferences for the moment.) Which couple would be more compatible? Which couple would be more plausible to people from either principal's home culture?

Let's see: Julius and Eva, Fabula and Terra. XD

Fabula and Terra would probably work better as a couple. Aura would... so not be happy with it, but if we're talking a universe where Fabula and Aura had never met, I think Fabula would probably fall for Terra pretty hard--Terra's so cute you just can't help it. And Terra's so naive about love that it would probably be fun to have them learn about positive relationships together. XD Julius and Evangeline have very similar personalities, and I'm not sure that Eva would want to go for someone as feminine as Julius, considering that she's got the hots for Nagi in Negima! canon. They'd be great friends, though.

Lufenia would have some issues with Fabula and Terra, considering its medieval time setting. As for the FFVI cast, I'm not so sure; I think it would freak half them out, endear the other half, and turn a certain few on. XDD

Mahora? Nope, nope. No problems with Eva and Julius at all. XD Since they're so gung-ho for KonoSetsu, I don't think there could be any problems there. Granz Realm... maybe. They'd probably be pretty afraid of the Union of Two Such Great Evils. XDD Then again, I'd have to know how much of Julius' drag-queen-ish, utterly-flaming-ness they tolerated naturally, or if Stroud just made sure they left him alone in canon!

4. Your team is 3, 4 & 9. The mission consists of a social challenge, a mental challenge and a physical challenge. Which team member do you assign to each challenge?

Kumo, Kiri, and Terra. XD

Terra is a sweetheart, so she'd probably get the social challenge--she utterly charms everyone she meets, so there'd be no problems there. XD

Kumo's very introspective in nature, and although he's emotionally fragile, he's very intelligent, so I'd say give him the mental challenge. He might be able to do the social challenge too, but considering the isolation of his childhood, he doesn't necessarily have the best social skills. Better to leave that to Terra.

Kiri would get the physical challenge. Especially if Kumo was there watching, he'd succeed at it or DIE TRYING. DD: Must protect baby brother from the marauding world, after all. XD

5. 7 becomes 1's boss for a week in some plausible fashion. How's their working relationship?

Shirley is Julius' boss? WTF?!

Shirley is a total sweetie, so I don't think she'd give Julius any kind of trouble. She might have to watch out for his more manipulative side, though... I can totally see him laying it on to get more sick leave/more days off to canoodle with Stroud/more pay/whatever other sympathies. Then again, Shirley does have a pretty good crap-o-meter, so I don't think she'd take it after a point. We saw how she effectively bitchslapped Jay into sense in Legendia canon. XD

6. 2 finds him/her/itself inserted into 6's continuity. As far as anyone other than 2 or 6 is concerned, they've always been there. What role would 2 be presumed to have had in 6's story, and could they fit in without going wonky?

Nessiah. In Legendia. Oh God. HIDE YOUR CHILDREN.

Ness would probably end up being considered a villain figure, since due to the Chains of Convidtion he's been around since liek forever. Certain stupider parties (Moses, Chloe, certain Ferines) would probably make some link between him and the major universal crisis between the Ferines and the planet at large in Days of Yore. Shirley might be persuaded to stick up for him though. Nessiah would not be good for the Legacy, though; either he'd be made into a scapegoat or he'd usurp Legendia continuity and become a godlike villainous figure. @_@

7. 3 and 5 get three wishes. The catch is that they have to agree on all three wishes before they get the benefits of any of them. What three wishes would they make?

Kumo and Fabula? Well, then~~

In FF:U canon, Fabula probably would not mind having Kumo make all three wishes, but Kumo would be like "NO NO WE CAN'T LEAVE YOU OUT OF THIS, YOU TAKE THE WISHES~~" and then there'd be a cute argument-ish-thing in which they eventually decided to split them.

Kumo's wish would be to have Kiri brought back to life, the way he was at the time of Mystaria's destruction and not after Oscha fucked with his head. Fabula's wish would, obviously, be to be freed from being a Guide. Their third wish (if only it was this easy...) would be instant restoration of the order/chaos balance. Kumo wants his life back, and Fabula would love being able to slap something like THAT in Oscha's face. *chessboard instapwn 'kay*

8. 1 and 2 are brainwashed by a one-time artifact that works even on people immune to mind control to attack and kill 4. They keep their normal personality, skills and competence level, except any Code vs. Killing has been turned off. Can 4 survive? How?

We have Julius and Nessiah going after Kiri. Oh crap, Kiri. Run. Scratch that, fly. Fly away. Very fast.

I-I mean, Kiri is strong, and so he might be able to tangle with Julius, but being put up against a fallen angel who'll revive shortly after he's killed, every time he's killed? Unless Yggdra was willing to lend him the Gran Centurio so as to break the Chains of Conviction and make for a permanent death, Kiri's screwed.

Or unless Kumo's available to step in and be a deus-ex-machina save. XDD Kiri is still probably screwed. He wouldn't be able to defend himself against Nessiah long enough to finally discover/try to break whatever mind control he's under.

9. 6, 7, 9 & 10 must help an orphanage full of small and depressed children have a merry Christmas. Who does what, knowing that at the very least the kids will be expecting a visit from Santa?

Senel, Shirley, Terra, and Llednar!

*watch me crack up at this image* Senel would have to play Santa. Llednar's only like, what, preteens? He'd never be able to pull it off convincingly. Senel probably wouldn't be too happy with being forced into the suit, but Shirley would con him into it. He can't say no to her, and if the happiness of tiny children was at stake, she would totally make him do it.

Shirley and Terra would do their best to make the kids happy--we see in FFVI canon how good Terra is with kids; they'd all follow her around like ducklings. While Shirley might initially try a bit too hard to make them happy, knowing their backgrounds, she'd be awesome at it after a few tries. Llednar might be awkward around them--the boy has very few social skills, after all--but if they could coax out the side of him he shows around Mewt, he'd have his own duckling train of Friends for Life.

Overall, I think these guys'd do a good job. Despite Senel's overall pissiness and Llednar's "I AM SO EMO MYSELF, I AM ONLY AN ARTIFICIAL REFLECTION CREATED TO SERVE MY ORIGINAL", all four of them are really nice people when you get down to it. They'd probably pull a Something Velveteen!Riku and end up coming there year after year. |D

10. 3 and 8 are challenged to circumnavigate the Earth in eighty days or less, using only forms of transportation invented before 1900. Can they do it, or will they be fatally distracted by sidequests or their own personality conflicts?

Kumo and Eva? XD

Oh, boy, the Mahora headmaster will REALLY be in rubber-stamp hell now. XDD

That aside, they might be able to pull it off. Both of them can fly, after all, and Kumo wouldn't set off Eva's bitchy side too much; however, they'd probably be sidetracked by Eva deciding "IT ARE LET'S FIND NAGI TIEMS NOW!". I'm not sure if Kumo would be able to have the strength of personality to steer her back to the task at hand. XD He's too nice to haul a ten-year-old vampire around the globe, seriously.

Oh gawd that was hella awesome. Y'all have to do this meme, I'm telling you. ^_^

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